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EVA Sheets For Footwear

We intoduce ourselves as leading manufacturer of EVA sheets for footwear, Cow/Stable mats. Our produ

high heels shoe material

High heels latex shoe material 1.Orthotic features 2.excellent shockproof 3.good elasticity, waterproof. 4.Wearable

sole shoe materials

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Shoe Raw Material For Shoe Making

1.Shoe Raw Material For Shoe Making 2.Not much glitter fallen. 3.More sparkle. 4.Eco-Friendly. 5.Be used for shoes.

E042 Natural Rubber Sole , Shoes Repair Material , Rubber Heel

Our shoe material is made by natural rubber, without pollution. Our factory can make the custom for yours .

Hot Melt Glue Toe Puff Shoe Material

1. Material: Polyester Fiber, Resin, Filler, TPU 2. Specification: 1.0m*1.5m 3. Application: used for shoe's Box Toe & Counter