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Methyl hydrogen silicone fluid

Methyl hydrogen silicone fluid has passed ISO 9001,ISO 14001,SGS certificate Si-H bonds Viscosity:20-30mm2/s

Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Fluid

Used as crosslinking agent for textile, rubber, leather, paper, building materials, waterproof, anti-sticking.

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One Component Silicone conformal coating for PCB , silicone conformal coating for electric

ZR340 silicone coating for pcb is a room temperature/heating curing and molding organic silicone materials.

liquid Polyurethane Resin for construction(with high quality)

liquid Polurethane Resin for construction(with high quality) reduce cost improve efficiency

anti dust coating for car

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Silicone coating for cars V-666

It will form a solid transparent coating on car paint to protect it from scratching,oxidation.

silicone coating for car 9H OEM made in Japan nano water

Hardness: 9H Type: Nano coating Material: SiO2 compound Content: 100%(VOC free)

No more silicone coating for car , glass coating , new technology , Ultra Pika Pika Rain

Contents: 25 ml Ingredients: Liquid silica, isopropyl alcohol Coating Compatibility: Suitable for all kinds of vehicles

liquid coating for glass ,car glass etc .202 methyl hydrogen fluid silicone oi

1.polymethylhydrosiloxane the best hydrophobization 3.similar to MH15 4.similar to SF600 5.made in china

CAMUI car maintenance shampoo wax silicon nano coating

Body coating: 50ml/2pic Compound : 500g/1pic 300g/1pic Buffing pad : 3pic Maintenance agent : 2pic Maintenance tool : 7pic

Hot Selling!!! CARPOLY High Performance Silicone Emulsion Coating

silicone emulsion coating .mildew-proof 2. anti-bacteria 3.anti-chemical corrosion 4.outdoor weather resistant 5.self-cleaning

outdoor silicone coating

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Silicone conductive coating for silicone rubber insulators

Conductive coating Eco-friendly Suit for all kinds of non-conducting material Perfect conductive performance

SMD5050 flexible led ribbon strips 36w 150leds Silicon coating

Name : 5050 flexible led ribbon strip lightled Qty: 150pcs / 5 meter Waterproof: IP67 Standard packing: 5m/roll

KY-366 silicone coating&painting additive

KY-366 silicone coating and painting additive improve the wettability of material, the effection is like BYK333, TEGO450,

Wholesale removable cheap prices liquid silicone rubber coating for car

Rubber Spray Paint 1.Dry time: < 5 minute 2.Spray rate: > 98% 3.Adhesion:< Grade 2 4.Protect original car paint

chameleon spray vinyl coating ,liquid silicone spray coating,uv coating plastic spray

purple red blue chameleon painting 1.Dry time: < 5 minute 2.Spray rate: > 98% 3.Adhesion:< Grade 2 4.lead time:15d

liquid coating for car

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Peel off liquid rubber coating for car silicone rubber coating

1.protetion ,DIY wheel color 2.color:180 time:10days 4.Oem support 5.450ml,1L,2L,4L is support

BV809 Silicon Dioxide Powder Coating

BV809 Silicon Dioxide Powder Coating High matting effection Optimal dispersion and suspension Excellent transparency and reco

plasti dip silicone rubber paint coating

plasti dip silicone rubber paint coating *Three packages:450ml,1L&4L *Changeable Colours *Competitive Price

polymer car wax Silicone glass polymer jell hard shining gloss luster water repel coating

Silicone glass polymer car coating jell applies long lasting and excellent ,luster and water repellency to car body.

liquid silicone spray coating

liquid silicone spray coating -Cheap alternative -Harmless to car -Easy to remove -Protection agains dirt

Antifogging coating for automotive lamp

Antifogging coating makes its tension is closed to water's & condensation water will not happened. The car lamp cover will be ou