impluse sealer

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SF-400 Automatic Simple Plastic Sealer

1, CE certification 2. Easy operation 3. Low cost and high working efficency 4. Suit for sealing different material

cheap wine stopper wine vacuum stopper/sealer simple design

Silicone Rubber Wine Vacuum Bottle Stopper 1.Wine vacuum stopper 2.2 push-button stoppers 3.Factory price

simple bottle sealer for special shape cap

simple bottle sealer 1) suitable to seal bottle diameter 10-30mm 2) small size, easy operation 3) cheap price, good quality

science and technology simple

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Hualian 2015 Simple Pedal Sealer

1.impulse heat seal 2.seal time 0.2-2sec 3.pedal operate 4.with CE 5.pass TUV/SGS/BV

simple pedal sealer 12 inches PFS450 direct heat sealer

1) simple pedal sealer 12 inches 2) semi-automatic bag sealer 3) easy to use 4) Simple and economical tool

Automatic Simple Plastic Sealer

1. CE test 2. Suit for sealing most of material