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OEM disposable baby diaper factory

1. Factory specializing in baled baby Diaper 2. Material:Cloth like film 3. ISO9001 4. Fast delivery 5. Free sample

Elastic velcro tape soft cotton diaper baby

velcro tape soft cotton diaper baby 1) non-woven, PE film, fluff pulp 2) ISO9001: 2008 3) 3D leak guard 4)diaper

high qualilty super soft and super absorbent disposable diapers baby

1. leak guard 2. Super absorption 3. ISO 9001:2008 4. Free samples & Customizable Package

disposable sleepy baby diaper

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high absorbtion and breathable cloth-like back sheet disposable sleepy baby diaper

1) Manufactory of baby diaper 2) reasonable price 3)Good quality for baby diapers 4)Free samples

Sleepy Baby diaper factory in China with 20 Years Experience

1)Sleepy Baby diapers manufacturer in China / 20 Years Experience 2)Certificate: ISO9001 & CE 3)Quality,Delivery guaranteed

disposable baby diapers,sleepy baby diaper,100 cotton baby diapers

Imported SAP and pulp+Wetness Indicator+Breathable Film+Leak Guards+Velcro tape+Elastic waist+Elastic ears