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4cbm standard Asphalt Paver Planting HZJ5073GLQ

Extendible Spraybar Heat Asphalt Pump Tapered and Radius Spraying Hydraulic drive system

The High-grade Asphalt Paver :LTU90SC

Pave range 3000-9000/8000mm Basic pave width 3000mm Hydraulic extension range 0-2700m Max. Pave thickness 300mm

road slurry seal paver

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slurry seal paver

Our 20 years' expertise guarantees your 100% enjoyment and faith! Our products enjoy a good reputation for the good quality!

Highway Slurry Seal paver

It has the advantage of easy operation and excellent performance, is the ideal for road Micro-surfacing treatment.

asphalt slurry seal

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1. Deutz 6 cylinder center cooling engine original imported from Germany, powerful. 2.Competitive price and good quality

MT12000B Mechanical Multi-function Road Material Paver

Full hydraulic driving anti-wear helix vanes slide handle console MC6 microcomputer constant speed control system

Slurry Seal & Micro Surfacing Paver

This equipment was specially designed to preventively maintain the existing pavement and repair the wheel-path ruts.

2014 BEIBEN 6x4 Slurry Seal Paver Truck ND5250TFCZ /high quality Slurry Seal Paver truck/low price Slurry Seal Paver truck

(1) best quality at lowest price (2) Quick delivery after deposit (3) With optional drives (4) Efficient and low price