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Heavy Duty Smart Pressure Transmitters Model 225T

Heavy Duty Smart Pressure Transmitters Model 225T pressure ranges: 0~15 mbar, ..., 0~420 bar, G

Smart 0.6MPa Pressure Transmitter

1. 0.6Mpa Pressure transmitter; 2. High sensitivity and precision; 3. Good quality and durable.

Smart Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Transmitter Output: 4-20mA / Hart Power:24VDC Range: -100PA to 40Mpa Protection class: IP67

capacitance type transmitter

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Smart Yokogawa EJA113W sanitary type liquid level transmitter

1. Yokogawa EJA113W 2. 4-20mA output 3. Good performance

MS320 General - type smart pressure transmitter price

1.Measuring range:-100kPa~0~5KPa...100MPa 2.Signal output:4~20mA/1~5VDC/0~5V DC/0.5~4.5V DC 3.12 ~ 36V DC (24V DC generally)

High Accuracy Smart Type Smart Pressure Transmitter

It has advantage of low cost, high quality, mass production. Local display and alarm system, explosion proof design, bi-di

rosemount 2088 316L SST rosemount smart pressure transmitter type

pressure transmitter 1. Accuracy:0.075%FS 2. 3051CG/CA/CD/L/TG/TA 3. Original Rosemount

Smart FUJI pressure absolute transmitter FKA type with high stability

1.FUJI absolute pressure transmitter 2.High stability 3.4-20mA output 4.For liquid gas,vapour pressure 5.Intelligent & smart

XY3151LT Smart Input Type Good Price Liquid Level transmitter

Level Transmitter 1.for liquid,good price 2.Professional mfr, 3.1 year Guarantee 4.Excellent quality,

sanitary type transmitter

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high temperature type honeywell ST3000 smart 4-20ma pressure transmitter

1.based on Honeywell technology 2.competitive price and high quality 3.original Honeywell

PMD-99S smart 4-20ma small type pressure transmitter

1.small size 2.easy for installation 3.high accuracy

capacitance type smart pressure transmitter with HART protocol

Tiny and attracting outlook with low weightSpan shift function with the ratio

analog pressure transmitter,capacitance type pressure transmitter,4-20ma smart pressure transmitter for BAS

High stability Easy installation Low temperature drift With great anti-interference performance

Smart Pressure Transmitters for Heavy-Duty Applications, Type MBS 1250

The compact heavy duty OEM pressure transmitter MBS 1250 is designed for use in severe hydraulic applications.

3000AP Capacitive Absolute Pressure Transmitter

1. measuring range: 0-1.6~10MPa 2. output: analogue (4~20mA)/smart Hart Protocol 3. diaphragm material: Hastelloy alloy

wall type transmitter

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Smart Capacitive Pressure Transmitter with flange

Capacitive Pressure Transmitter with flange 1.For Liquid,Gas,Steam 2.Accuracy: +/-0.1%, 0.075% 3.Optional type 4.ISO control

Smart Liquid Level Pressure Transmitters BHZ93420II

Liquid Level Pressure Transmitter BHZ93420II 1.Measurement range:0~200m 2.Potection level:IP68 3.Aluminium casting connection

3051 flange type capacitance differential Pressure transmitter

3051 Pressure transmitter Measuring object: the liquid level with open or sealed container High accuracy, small temperature

Low Price 3151 Flange Type Level Pressure Transmitter

1.Simple structure and firm,high reliable performance ,long life. 2.Easy to set up. 3.Stable performance and high precision.

High Precision Compensation type Pressure Transmitter

high reliability, high stability, high precision widely used in gas, liquid pressure detection. CEcertificate

digital type explosion proof pressure transmitter

1. 0.25%F.S accuracy 2. Supply OEM 3. High quality diffused silicon core 4. Explosion isolation certificate