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Smart Pressure Transmitters for Heavy-Duty Applications, Type MBS 1250

The compact heavy duty OEM pressure transmitter MBS 1250 is designed for use in severe hydraulic applications.

Smart Honeywell pressure transmitter STG944/SRG974

Differential pressure measurement, pressure measurement, and the throttling device with flow measurement, level measurement, int

capacitance type transmitter

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MS320 General - type smart pressure transmitter price

1.Measuring range:-100kPa~0~5KPa...100MPa 2.Signal output:4~20mA/1~5VDC/0~5V DC/0.5~4.5V DC 3.12 ~ 36V DC (24V DC generally)

XY3151LT Smart Input Type Good Price Liquid Level transmitter

Level Transmitter 1.for liquid,good price 2.Professional mfr, 3.1 year Guarantee 4.Excellent quality,

Sanitary Type Insert Smart Pressure Transmitter

1.good performance and stability 2.high accuracy quality and low price 4.LCD display and 4-20mA output 5.OEM service

high quality smart k type Temperature Transmitter,4-20mA, pt100,pt1000

2-channel support HART, Profibus PA, FF protocols High accuracy

PMD-99S smart type compact silicone pressure transmitter/manufacture/controller

pressure sensor for air compressor 1.advanced technology 2.high stability 3..easy installation and maintenance

Smart type gauge pressure transmitter

1.High accuracy 2.No mechanical and movable parts 3.Span and zero continuous and adjustable 4.Positive shift amount to 500

sanitary type transmitter

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capacitance type smart pressure transmitter with HART protocol

Tiny and attracting outlook with low weight Span shift function with the ratio

pressure vessel flush membrane smart type pressure transmitters

flush membrane smart type pressure transmitters Intrinsic safety and explosion-proof certificates ISO 9001(2008) certificates

4-20ma pressure transmitter

>>highly reliable and accurate transmitter >>lightweight, compact package. >>Low cost, high quality >>OEM Service available

Industrial Metal Capacitive Differential Pressure Transmitters

1.Analog signal and digital signal output 2.High accuracy 3.Multi-range 4:Equal to Rosemount quality 5. OEM acceptable

wall type transmitter

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Gauge Pressure Transmitter Yokogawa EJA430A

1.Excellent performance and stability 2.Compact and light-weight design 3.Fieldbus communicati 4.High quality and best price

4020mA digital explosion pressure transmitter

MPT521 digital smart pressure transmitter, digital explosion pressure transmitter Gauge pressure type

Dwyer 673 smart pressure transmitter

1. Process Connection: 1/4" male or female NPT and BSPT. 2. Enclosure Rating: NEMA 4X (IP66). 3. Response Time: 50 msec.

HBY201 type Small Size Pressure Transmitter

1 Small Size Pressure Transmitter 2 established since 1997 3 self-check device 4.OEM 5 customize