capacitance type transmitter

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pressure vessel smart type pressure transmitters

smart type pressure transmitters 4-20ma, 0-5v 0.2%F.S,0.5%F.S 5 point calibration certificate CE

industrial temperature transmitter,4-20 mA output Dial Switch Type Smart Temperature Transmitter

GD100 temperature transmitter 1.OEM Available 2. 4-20mA output 3.12 months warranty 4.2-wire technology

smart type transmitter for magnetic flowmeter

smart type transmitter for magnetic flowmeter 1.DF402 has integrated type and split-type. 2.DF404 only has split-type.

sanitary type transmitter

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capacitance type smart pressure transmitter with HART protocol

Tiny and attracting outlook with low weight Span shift function with the ratio

MS320 General - type smart pressure transmitter price

1.Measuring range:-100kPa~0~5KPa...100MPa 2.Signal output:4~20mA/1~5VDC/0~5V DC/0.5~4.5V DC 3.12 ~ 36V DC (24V DC generally)

K Type Smart Temperature Transmitter 4-20mA

1.Smart Thermocouple Transmitter 2.Output: 4-20mA 3.K Type 4.Temperature:0-1000C 5.Smart Type