solid bitumen 100 70

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Sinopec Hubei Guta brand white solid paraffin wax bitumen

Sinopec Hubei Guta brand white solid paraffin wax bitumen 1.Highly stable 2.Moderate tensile 3.Pure white 4.low oil

Solid Bitumen (tar)

Solid bitumen extracted from mountain

Bitumen 60/70, 85/100

No Collateral Required Very Competitive Charges Conclude Your Deal In 24 Hrs

Bitumen MC70

For other information and specific requests please contact with us,

bitumen protective coating

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Black medium temperature coal tar bitumen

price is competitive qulitity is great maufacture's price

solid bitumen

Hello? We can supply solid bitumen for road construction asphalt 10,000/month x 12

Fraass Breaking Point Apparatus / Bitumen Breaking Point Tester / Asphalt Breaking Point Test Device

Fraass Breaking Point Apparatus 1. Determining the breaking point of solid and semisolid bitumens 2.Fraass Breaking Point

bitumen app

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Factory price of paraffin wax bitumen

paraffin wax bitumen mixture of hydrocarbons for wax handle Free sample and prompt shipment

astm d36 automatic softening point tester ring and ball method bitumens, waxes, and other solid to semi- solid products

Standard:ASTM D36 1.automatically test 2.easy to operate 3.we are manufacturer 4.high precision

used corrugated pvc roof sheet, galvalume ,bitumen, roof sheet

Waterproof greenhouse metal insulated aluminum roof panels 1.Aluminium-zinc Coated Steel 2.Water based Acrylic Resin 3.Safe

black/yellow bitumen piece

bitumen 1.waterproof, eco-friendly 2.high quality 3.any shape & size 4.obstruct used

Multifunction Bitumen SprayerLMT5161GLQ

1.High Quanlity & Reasonable Price 2.Easy control 3.full after-sales service 4.ISO9000 certificate 5.CE,BV if required