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NOSEAM TC 860 Acrylic Clear Concrete Coating

-Durable and abrasion resistant -Good water resistance -Low VOC and non-toxix -Excellent UV resistance -Chemical resistant

min hand sealer

hand sealer 1. small type, operate by hand 2.seal various kinds of plastic films

good quality hand carton sealer

hand carton sealer 1.seal the narrow carton(width:80mm-500mm) 2.pneumatic cutter 3.high tape laminating

acrylic solvent base

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Stainex - Stain Repellent Sealer

Stainex 1.10 to 30sq/m per/ L depending upon 2.the absorbancy of the stone 3.Solvent based sealer 4.For Marble,Granite etc

Oil Drilling emulsion pavement sealers in China

Oil Drilling emulsion pavement sealers in China Soluble in aromatic solvents Unique compatibility Maunfacturer Iso9001

High Quality Water Proof Sealer

water proof sealer 1.Good quality and Lower price 2.Good gloss and Long lasting 3.Good resistanc

VIT solvent-based paint WGM-9561 ,good sealer for floor

Solvent-based epoxy floor/ground primer paint 1.Strong penetration 2.Good intermiscibility 3.Good sealer

sealer jelly cups

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MegaSeal floor sealer

Solvent base clear gloss concrete floor hard sealer coat thant can withstand traffic and tyre resistance

Wall sealer - Acrylic Wall Sealer - Sequoia

Solvent base acrylic wall sealer for new & repainting walls

KCC Wall Sealer 200

Wall Sealer 200 is a solvent based, methyl methacrylate pigmented alkali resistant wall primer / sealer.

Permoco - HLS furniture lacquer sealer or finishing coat

A variety of high quality sanding sealer, top coat, lacquers, colours dye, melamine floor coat. matt in percentage. solvent base

5 Gallons of Stone Sealer #5 - solvent based granite sealer and enhancer

Stone Sealer #5 is a silicone polymer that seals and enhances marble, granite, slate and limestone

print head solvent based

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polished marble stone hydrophobic organic silicone waterproof sealer

solvent-base,Waterproof,Alkali-proof,Acid-proof aInk-proof,Juice-proof,UV resistance,No membrane remaining,eco-friendly

hand heat sealer for solvent based

1.Iron body , CE certification 2.Copper or Aluminum transformer by optional 3.Sealing is quick

potented water repellent based organic silicone waterproof sealer for concrete

waterproof,mould proof,anti-yellow stain, temperature resistance,non-toxic,non-taste,frost ,acid alkali proof,repair tiny crack

Color Pigments for Decorative Concrete, Granite, and Slate Sealer.

1. Create a variety of colorful metallic effects 2. Used in both water and solvent based 3. Mostly use Epoxy Sealers

5 Gallons of Stone Sealer #1 - solvent based marble and granite sealer

Stone Sealer #1 is a reactive silicone polymer that impregnates the stone to form an invisible protective barrier.