non-solvent silicone

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how to glue silicone together Heat curing silicone adhesive solvent based acrylic adhesive

silicone adhesive Transparent, No white powder. Suit for kitchen ware Natual drying condition

garden tile stone waterproof solvent based organic silicone nano hydrophobic

waterproof,mould proof,anti-yellow stain, temperature resistance,non-toxic,non-taste,frost ,acid alkali proof,air permeability

exceptionally resistant to solvents ptfe adhesive tape silicone

1.Good chemical resistance 2.Low friction surface 3.Excellent release characteristics

polypropylene solvents/auto glass silicone sealant/liquid silicone price

1.single component 2.easy to use curing 4.widely uesd 5.sample for free

SANPONT Imported Wholesale Carrier Solvent Raw Material Price Silicone

1.SPE filler 2.Silicone 3.Circular White Powder 4.Carrier Solvent 5.99.0+% Pure

solvent silicone tube

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acetic RTV silicone silicone for car engines,silicone for stainless steel

acetic RTV silicone silicone for car engines,silicone for stainless steel

ShinEtsu X-23-776 Silicone Fluid Thermal Compound shinetsu silicone

ShinEtsu G746 Silicone Fluid Thermal compound 1 0.92 W/(m.K) 2.for thermal sensor, CPU, semi-conductor etc heat transfer

green / transparent masking tape coat silicon

Use on various electronic products Good adhesion,high resistance to heat and solvent Good performance in electrical insulation

silicon, PU, rubber Silk screen printing squeegee

Silk screen printing squeegee 1.Thick:3mm-10mm 2. 55~90 shore 3.Solvent&abrasion resistant 4.50~90 Durometer

Aquarium Silicone

Akfix 100AQ is a non-toxic, solvent-free silicone sealant for use in aquarium construction and glazing applications.

silicon mica sheet

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Dongguan sollyd chemistry common round plate silicon for textile screen printing

common clear silicone for silk printing 1.can be used separately 2.can mix with color pigment 3.super soft touching feel

silicone squeegee supplier

1.Anti-solvent resistance 2.High abrasion resistance, 3.High aging resistance, 4.Long life service

Phenyl polysiloxane Silicone DC 556 Fluid equivalent cosmetic raw material hair care/ water repellent

1. raw material 2. oxidation resistacne 3. good organic solvent compatibility 4. water resistance 5. easily emulsified

silicone flowing and leveling agent for coating&painting (solvent-free)

silicone flowing and leveling agent for coating&painting(solvent-free)