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Silicone Diffusion Pump Oil IOTA702

Diffusion Pump Oil IOTA702 is a kind of general purpose oil designed for fast pumping of large volumes of gas. It is used to pro


Silicone emulsion based exterior primer.

2014 Improved Metallic Silicone Sealant

1. acrylic paint 2. Fast dry: 10 minutes 3. Perfect coverage 4. REACH, TUV certificates

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silicone oil solvent Hydroxy Silicone Oil for anti- adhesive agent

1excellent electrical insulating properties 2,resistance to high temperature3,high flash point, low freezing point

silicone wristband machine printer,eco solvent flatbed printer 6 color

1.Lifelong maintaince,CE ,UL . 2.Any material can print on. 3.Easy operation,fast printing. 4.Low cost, good quality.

solvent activate sheet for shoe toe puff

1. Material:Cotton,plastic,dacron,chemical additive 2. Technology: cooperation with Italy 3. Specification: 0.4mm to 1.4

polyimide powder tape

polyimide powder tape:Heat resistance, cohesive force, soft and tender, no residue ,solvent-resistant, fits for powder coat

Powder Coat Masking Tape

Powder Coat Masking Tape:Heat resistance, cohesive force, soft and tender, no residue ,solvent-resistant, fits for powder coat

eco-solvent printing media

1-Bubble free 2-All kinds of color 3-flexible and durable 4-removable acrylic adhesive

non-solvent silicone

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glue silicone to plastic silicone adhesive solvent based acrylic adhesive

silicone adhesive Transparent, No white powder. Suit for kitchen ware Natual drying condition

green / transparent masking tape coat silicon

Use on various electronic products Good adhesion,high resistance to heat and solvent Good performance in electrical insulation

Butyl polyether series,silicone surfactant,organic silicon

HMP-514R, HMP-515R, HML-305B are not soluble in water, others are easily soluble in water, ethanol and other organic solvents. W

gilsonite asphalt and silicone

gilsonite asphalt and silicone 1.Soluble in aromatic solvents 2.Unique compatibility 3.Maunfacturer 4.ISO900

Aquarium Silicone

Akfix 100AQ is a non-toxic, solvent-free silicone sealant for use in aquarium construction and glazing applications.

JCT construction inside use silicone NHZ-1000L inside use silicone 2.High temperature /pressure 3.Multi-funtional 4.Frequency control 5.CE,ISO14001,ISO90

solvent silicone tube

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Organic horsetail powdered extract silicon 7%

1 Free samples 2 Manufactory 3 100% natural 4 horsetail powdered extract 5 High quality with competitive price

silicone squeegee for electronic circuit board made in china

silicone squeegee Imported raw material High resistance to abrasion, solvents and ink Multi-colo Factor

100% Natural Horestail Extract organic silicon 7% silicon 2.Yellow brown powder 3.100% pass 80mesh 4.Organic Silica 7% 5.ISO9001,HACCP,HALAL,Kosher

Natual Bamboo Leaf extract Silicon ,Medical silicone

1. Bamboo Leaf extract 2. 100% natural,GMO-Free 3. GMP,NSF-GMP,ISO 4. Medical silicone

Gasket maker-RTV silicone; high temperature liquid adhesivo;

Gasket maker- RTV silicone 1.Methyl Silicone 2.cream 3.12months life 4.seal car,gear case of motor,fore-and-art board

silicone for printing blade

1,High solvent & wear resistant 2,Regular spec: 50*9mm,35*7mm, 5*25mm3,Mainly used for screen supplie

silicon mica sheet

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Heat curing silicone adhesive solvent based ge silicone

silicone adhesive Transparent, No white powder. Suit for kitchen ware Natual drying condition

Nettle extract silicone 1%,2%

product name: Nettle Extract specification: silicone 1%,2%. appearance:yellow-brown powder

Horsetail Extract 7% Organic Silicon

1.Horsetail extract 2.Organic Silicon 7% by UV 3.Yellowish brown fine powder 4. Professional manufacturer

Halal&Kosher Nettle Extract Phytosterol 0.8%, Silicone 3%

Nettle Extract Phytosterol 0.8%1%, 2% Silicic Acid1%,2% Beta-sitosterolBrown yellow PowderHalal,Kosher,ISO9001,GMP

dotting anti-slip effect silicone for gloves and socks machine printing, liquid silicon rubber

dotting anti-slip silicone for gloves 1.used for dotting effect 2.great adhesion 3.Eco-friendly and great fastness

High Quality Fiberglass Sleeve Silicone Covered

1. Silicone coated Fiberglass Sleeve 2. High temperature resistant. 3. Good electric features.