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stinging nettle extract

Natural Nettle Leaf Powder -Brown powder -CAS 83-46-5 -ISO9001:2008,GMP,HACCP -Professional and prompt delivery

Plant Extract Stinging Nettle Extract 10:1

Nettle Extract powder 10:1 or customized 100% pass 80 mesh Free sample&In stock&Prompt delivery GMP,HALAL,ECOCERT Certificate

Stinging Nettle Extract

Stinging Nettle Herb Extract Natural Silicic acid Anti-inflammatory, Pain-relieving Actions, Treat Prostatitis

Nuocai A2/ A1/ B0 size digital flatbed printer price

digital flatbed printer head need film and plate-making 3.high definition 4.short delivery

4 color silicone tampon printer pad printing

1, 4 color silicone tampoon printer pad printing for sunglasses printing 2, have stock, fast delivery 3, high print accuracy

ECO solvent digital flatbed printers for printing glass, wood, ceramic,plastic use the Eco solvent ink

1.First after sercive 2.small format flatbed uv printerprinter 3.8 color 4.CE certification

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Turquoise Main Stone waterproofing agent organic silicone nano waterproof

waterproof,mould proof,anti-yellow stain, temperature resistance,non-toxic,non-taste,frost ,acid alkali proof,air permeability

made in China wholesale silicone 3d printing machine

1.silicone 3d printing machine2.for frontlit backlit flex banner,car vinyl,mesh,one way vision,canvas,blockout etc.

polyester silicone adhesive tape with double coated acrylic solvent base

polyester silicone adhesive tape with double coated acrylic solvent base 1.Double sided 2. Extremely flexible

solvent based printing vinyl white car vinyl film

1) 100micron face film 2) Adhesive can removable 3) Adhesive color can be white, clear, black and grey

Electrical insulationpolyester silicone adhesive tap

Electrical insulation Polyester film mylar adhesive tape 1.Widely used in transformers, motors, capacitors and other electri

Two component no solvent polyurethane sealant for automotive electronics(SP2204)

RTV PU sealant for electronicHigh temp RTVsilicone sealant;PU sealant with OEM and ODM service;CE,SGS,ISO9001:2000,MSDS,UL

non-solvent silicone

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polypropylene solvents/auto glass silicone sealant/liquid silicone price

1.single component 2.easy to use curing 4.widely uesd 5.sample for free

aluminum/crystal/silicone/wood/glass eco solvent printer

1,high-quality and good service afer sale 2,operating easily. 3,automatic 4,multicolor 5,high-speed printing

aluminum/crystal/silicone/wood/glass eco solvent printer

1.aluminum/crystal/silicone/wood/glass eco solvent printer 2.2880*1440dpi 3.CYRB+4W / CYRB+LC+LR+2W 4.400*1000mm

Heat curing silicone adhesive solvent bonding silicone to silicone

silicone adhesive Transparent, No white powder. Suit for kitchen ware Natual drying condition

SANPONT Imported Wholesale Carrier Solvent Raw Material Price Silicone

1.SPE filler 2.Silicone 3.Circular White Powder 4.Carrier Solvent 5.99.0+% Pure

green / transparent masking tape coat silicon

Use on various electronic products Good adhesion,high resistance to heat and solvent Good performance in electrical insulation

solvent silicone tube

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Gasket maker-RTV silicone; high temperature liquid adhesivo;

Gasket maker- RTV silicone 1.Methyl Silicone 2.cream 3.12months life 4.seal car,gear case of motor,fore-and-art board

100% Natural Bamboo Leaf Extract 70% organic silicon

1. Bamboo Leaf extract 2. 100% natural,GMO-Free 3. GMP,NSF-GMP,ISO 4. organic silicon 50%,70%

High Quality Fiberglass Sleeve Silicone Covered

1. Silicone coated Fiberglass Sleeve 2. High temperature resistant. 3. Good electric features.

RTV Silicone used in auto mechanics

1) Light viscosity and good flowability 2) Low shrinkage 3) Favorable tension 4)High temperature resistance

Butyl polyether series,silicone surfactant,organic silicon

HMP-514R, HMP-515R, HML-305B are not soluble in water, others are easily soluble in water, ethanol and other organic solvents. W

Aquarium Silicone

Akfix 100AQ is a non-toxic, solvent-free silicone sealant for use in aquarium construction and glazing applications.

silicon mica sheet

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100% Herbal Nutrition Horsetail Extract 7% Organic Silicon

Organic Silicon 1.Horsetail Extract 2.Organic Silicon 7% By UV 3.Brown yellow powder 4.Part Used: Whole herb

Urtica dioica extract Beta sitosterol,organic silicon 1%

Nettle Extract 1.MOQ:1kg; 2.brown powder 3.5:1 10:1 0.8% Beta sitosterol,organic silicon 1% 4.Free sample

100% Natural Equisetum arvense Extract Organic Silicon 7%

1. Natural Equisetum Arvense Extract 2. ISO manufacturer 3. 13 years experience in plant extract 4. Free sample, nice price

100% Natural Nettle Extract 1% -70% Silicone

100% Natural Nettle Extract 1% Silicone 1.1%-70% Silicone 2.HACCP, ISO, GMP, Kosher, Organic 3.Factory price

quick drying screen printing silicone for textile supplier in dongguan

1,Naturally drying without any heating 2,good fastness and adhesion 3,eco-friendly enviroment

Organic horsetail powdered extract silicon 7%

1 Free samples 2 Manufactory 3 100% natural 4 horsetail powdered extract 5 High quality with competitive price