solvent thinner printing

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nc thinner, Epoxy thinner, PU thinner , Laquer thinner WE MAKE ALL TYPES OF THINNER in UAE


JCK COATING INDUSTRIES manufacture premium range of Thinners

Extra Slow Thinner applied to basecoat and topcoat for automotive coating

1. Cost effectiveness and product excellence 2. complete tint system for easy access 3. strong back up of technical support

solvent thinner supplier

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mixed solvent

mixed solvent application : solvent for coating and plastics. It has very good solubility with resin thinner

Paint thinner, Antiseptic, organic solvent, raw material of printing ink and adhesive, sell Dichloropropane

Dichloropropane solvent for oil, fat, raw materials of detergent, resin, ink and adhesive, etc. agrochemical agent, antiseptic.

Auto paint (primer,color,varnish,hardender,thinner,matt agent,solvent) -car paint

Able to reduce the brightness of paint film, Good matt effect. smooth and even paint film and strong versatility, Suitable for 1

industrial solvent thinner

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thinner for cold solvent road marking paint

thinner for cold solvent road marking paint can meet the standards of BS3262,AASHTO, JT/T280-2004.

thinner for cold solvent road marking paint

The thinner is usded for adjusting the viscosity of cold solvent road marking paint and washing machine and sprayer head.

Car Refinishing Solvent Thinner

1.High quality car solvent thinner. 2.For 1K basecoat,2K topcoat,clearcoat, etc. 3.Various versions of auto thinner.

Coating solvent Isophorone Cas No 78-59-1

1. IPHO, Isophorone 2. 99.0% min 3. Capacity: 20,000MT/Y 4. High boiling solvent 5. Thinner solvent