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Distilled recovered recycled thinners solvents

We offer distilled recovered recycled thinners

Thinner GP

This product is use in paints industries.

solvent thinner printing

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solvent thinner

ventilator motor for fan 1. Factory,OEM 2.Reasonable price

Standard Solvent Thinner

1. Excellent solvency. 2.Used together with primer ,1k colors, 2k solid colors and all clear coat 3.Standard Solvent Thinner

Automatic japanese solvent thinner and adhesive coating device

Performs automatic application of all types of solvents and adhesives with microscopic uniformity.

Paint Booth chemicals have deodorant effect for solvent thinner

This product would be solved any problems about paint booth. Terrible smell from the paint booth. Wasted paint retrieve.

Solvent Thinner ,solvent D , white spirit

White Spirit 750ml. This 750ml bottle of white spirit will assist you in all your decorating needs

solvent thinner supplier

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Solvent Thinner ,solvent D , white spirit

1. Product: White Spirit 2. Appearance: Liquid 3. Color: Clear 4. Aromatic Value: 15 - 17% 5. Viscosity: 0.4 - 0.5 Cps


nc thinner, Epoxy thinner, PU thinner , Laquer thinner WE MAKE ALL TYPES OF THINNER in UAE


dilute the printing ink(benzene and alcohol based)


Wanna good quality and good price ? Please do not hesitate to contact to us NOW !

industrial solvent thinner

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JCK COATING INDUSTRIES manufacture premium range of Thinners

white thinner for inkjet printer

1.Advantageous price 2.Delivery in time 3.Low pollution 4.High efficient

Extra Slow Thinner applied to basecoat and topcoat for automotive coating

1. Cost effectiveness and product excellence 2. complete tint system for easy access 3. strong back up of technical support