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Konjac Gum - Soft Sweets Ingredient

Konjac gum, white, over 85% glucomannan content, high gel strengh and transparency, widely used as soft sweets ingredient.

Feed Grade Calcium lactate Purity 98-103%

Calcium Lactate Content 98-103% Grade:food&feed, pharmaceutical Executive standard:GB2023/CP2005/FCCV

lowest price//Sodium Alginate fertilizer grade//factory

1) Hydrophily 2) High fluidity 3) Gel agent 4) Thickening 5) Stability, Health care function

food grade preservative e262 sodium diacetate

Manufacturer of high quality food preservative e262 sodium diacetate with ISO, HACCP....

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Sorbitol liquid 70%

Sorbitol CSA NO: 50-70-4 Standard: Food Grade Certificate: GMP, SGS, HACCP Packing: 250kg Drum.

Sorbitol liquid 70%

1.Sorbitol liquid 70% 2Industrial Sorbitol products: pharmaceutical grade, food grade and daily chemical grade. 3purity: 70%

Sorbitol Liquid

1. Dry substance: 70% 2. Non-crystalline sorbitol 3. Better moisture retention 4. Acid resistance

Sorbitol 70% for toothpaste

Sorbitol 70% : 1:dry solid :70% 2:sorbitol content:74.6% 3:PH:5.0-7.0

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China Sorbitol Liquid 70%

1.Manufacturer 2.food grade/VC grade/daily chemical industry grade 3.Noncrystallising 4.Used in toothpaste,cosemtics,food,etc

Bulk Non-Sugar Sweetener Food Ingredients Liquid Sorbitol

Liquid Sorbitol 1. Dry substance: 70% 2. Non-sugar sweetener 3. Better moisture retention 4.Acid resistance

High Quality Non-GMO Food Additive Liquid Sorbitol

Liquid Sorbitol 1. Dry substance: 70% 2. Non-sugar sweetener 3. Better moisture retention 4.Acid resistance

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Caffeine Powder Food Grade

Caffeine Powder IUPAC ID: 1,3,7-trimethyl-1H-purine-2,6(3H,7H)-dione 3,7-dihydro-1,3,7-trimethyl-1H-purine-2,6-dione

We products are 2% cheaper than the average benzoic acid powder price

benzoic acid 1.Halal Kosher ISO FDA 2.SGS quality certificate 3.Direct factory price

Caffeine Powder Food Grade

Caffeine is a natural component of chocolate, coffee and tea, and is added to colas and energy drinks.

Sodium benzoate preservative

1. Powder, Granular, Columnar 2. BP98 USP24 FCCIV E331 3. ISO HACCP KOSHER HALAL

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