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Tinospora cordifolia powder

Botanical Name- Tinospora Cordifolia Galo Dry Extract Ratio : 10:1 Origin : India Standardized -2% (Guduchi) Bitter

Aloevera X200 Powder

1.Product Free Flowing Powder 2 Certification-GMP,HALAL,KOSHER,ISO 3.Part Used-leaf 4.Grade-Superior 5 CAS NO.-8001-97-7

sorbitol liquid and powder

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Food Sweetener Sorbitol Liquid 70%

Food Sweetener Sorbitol Liquid 70% 1.sugar alcohol additive 3. dry substance: 70% min 4. water content: 30% max

Sweeteners Food Grade 70% Sorbitol liquid

1. Product: Sorbitol 70% 98% 2. CAS no.: 50-70-4;98201-93-5 3. Standard : Food grade, tooth grade, VC grade

Food Additive Natural Sweetener 70% Sorbitol liquid price

Sorbitol, crystal powder or transparent liquid, meets standard of FCC,USP and BP, certificate of Kosher,Halal,ISO,Non-GMO, HACCP

china origunal sorbitol liquid 70%

prompt sipment;competitive price;best service

sorbitol liquid 70

1.The sorbitol we produce can be used for food,cosmetics, toothpaste,and medicine; 2.non-crystalline sorbitol; 3.270kg/drum.

Sorbitol liquid 70% for Toothpaste ,Chewing gum

1)Sorbitol content:70%min; 2)brix:70%; 3)Reducing Sugars:0.21%max 4)Specific Gravity:1.285-1.315; 5)PH:5.0-7.5

manufacturers of sorbitol liquid

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Food Grade sorbitol powder, sorbitol liquid

sorbitol powder 1 sorbitol powder is a kind of sweetener 2 sorbitol powder is widly used in food and chemical

Sorbitol Liquid Solution

Sorbitol Liquid Solution. 1) High quality. 2) Reasonable price. 3) Delivery on time. 4) Quality Assurance.

sweetener additive sorbitol liquid

sorbitol liquid 1. With refreshing sweetness 2. low calorific valueorbito 3. With good moisture absorption

sorbitol liquid

sorbitol liquid 1. CAS No: 50-70-4 2. Standard: BP/USP/FCCIV 3. food grade and pharma grade

Sorbitol Liquid 70%

Sorbitol H.S. Code: 2905440000 Content: 70%(liquid) 99.0%(powder)

High quality food grade sorbitol liquid

Sorbitol-formula C6H14O6, is similar to monosaccharide structure. We can get it by restoring the glucose aldehyde into hydroxyl.

sorbitol liquid in chemical

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High Quality Non-Sugar Sweetener Sorbitol Liquid

Sorbitol Liquid 1.Standard: BP/USP/FCCIV 2.Appearance:transparent, sweet, viscidity liquid 3.Competitive price

Sorbitol, Sorbitol Liquid, 70%

food grade Sorbitol 1,is a new kind of sweetener 2,Purity:70% min 3,Usage: sweetener

Sorbitol Liquid Solution 70%

Sorbitol Liquid Solution 70% 1.)Sorbitol Liquid 70% 2.)As per your requirement & specifications 3.)Packing: 290 kg New HDPE D

wholesale of factory for Sorbitol liquid 70% solution

1.sorbitol liquid 70% 2.HACCP Kosher Halal ISO9001 GMP 3.BP USP FCC E331 4.SGS inspection 5.better service,fast delivery

Sweeteners Food Grade 70% Sorbitol liquid

Sorbitol liquid 1.Food Grade70% 2.QC:ISO9001:2008,HACCP,HALA,KOSHER 3.Assay:more than 97%

sorbitol liquid

We specialized in producing sorbiitol for 4 years,we can satisfy different costomer's need.