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70% sorbitol liquid high quality 300kg with barrel

1. 70% sorbitol syrup 2. can be used in toothpaste 3. colorless and clear liquid 4. FOB $ 570 PMT 5. Package:300kg/barrel

Sorbitol Liquid Solution

Sorbitol Liquid Solution. 1) High quality. 2) Reasonable price. 3) Delivery on time. 4) Quality Assurance.

sorbitol liquid and powder

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Sorbitol liquid 70 % 50-70-4

Antioxidants, emulsifiers, excipient, sweetener

food additives sorbitol liquid 70% food grade

food additives sorbitol liquid 70% food grade 1)competitve price & good service 2)Halal,ISO9001,ISO22000&KOSHER.

manufacturers of sorbitol liquid

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High quality sorbitol liquid 70%,CAS:50-70-4

1. used in toothpaste,cosemtics, food, etc. 2. noncrystallising 3. different grades 4. 270kg/plastic drum

Food Grade sorbitol powder, sorbitol liquid

sorbitol powder 1 sorbitol powder is a kind of sweetener 2 sorbitol powder is widly used in food and chemical

food additives sorbitol liquid 70% food grade

liquid sorbitol 1:HALAL and KOSHER 2:Packing:25kg net bag 3:MOQ:1mt 4:Delivery date: within 2weeks

Sorbitol Food Grade Granular type, sorbitol powder, sorbitol liquid

Sorbitol Powder, water soluble in stock COA, Kosher, Spect. Sheet.

sorbitol liquid in chemical

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Food Additive Natural Sweetener 70% Sorbitol liquid with drum

Sorbitol, crystal powder or transparent liquid, meets standard of FCC,USP and BP, certificate of Kosher,Halal,ISO,Non-GMO, HACCP

Sorbitol Liquid 50-70-4

Sorbitol Liquid 50-70-4 D-Glucito

Sorbitol Liquid

Sorbitol Liquid 1. As per your requirement & specifications 2. Packing: 300Kg HDPE Drum 3. Pharma & Tooth-paste mfgrs

Buy in bulk high quality sorbitol liquid by china supplier (cas:50-70-4

sorbitol 1.wholesale from factory directly 2.high quality and best service with the international standard