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Vegetable Oil

Vegetable Cooking Oil ( Canola, sunflower , Corn ) , Refined, with added vitamins.

base oil and additive

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crude oil,tropical products

crud oil, crude palm oil, crude copra oil, copra, shea butter, cocoa beans, coffee beans, maize, peanuts, soya beans, cashew nut

maize or soya meal poultry feed granulator

A.Our Factory was Established in 1970s. B.9PK Series Models of PELLET MILL Machinery. C.Feed Pelletizing Line

Continuos Edible Oil Refinery Plant

ContinuousType Edible Oil Refinery Plant Neutralizing/Degumming Bleaching Section Deodorizing Section De waxing Section

XINFENG 2013 NEW Corn Maize Germs Oil Pressing Machine with Reasonable Price

1.Easy operation, low cost 2.Oil residue: 6-7% 3.ISO9001:2008 4.Easy operation 5.Good configuration