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spray glue for upholstery

glue for upholstery 1.for quality furniture 2.sponge to sponge, sponge to board, PU to board/sponge, genuine leather to sponge

Spray Glue

Spray Glue 1. Aging Resistance 2. Certification: SGS, CTI, meet Rohs directive

HOT Selling!!! CARPOLY High Performance Multi-Purpose Spray Glue

spray glue1.strong bonding strength drying 3.waterproof and weather resistance 4.multi-purpose 5.benzene-free 6.Ecofrien

adhesive neoprene glue

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616 hot melt spray glue

616 hot melt spray glue1.High temperature resistent 2.adhesion between fabric and sponge 3.waterproof fabric adhesive

King Join Textile Spray Glue (SGS, Reach, RoHS)

Textile Glue Spray 1. odorless 2. semi-transparent 3. for cloth, paper, board, plastics, metalic foil, soft wood, sponge

Eco-Friendly Spray Glue,Temporary Spray Adhesive

kingjoin Temporary Spray Adhesive Spray Glue/ Textile Spray Glue of strong adhesion, large spraying area,

the best purpose contact adhesive/ neoprene glue

Fast bonding speed, excellent and long lasting bonding power Super first-bonding power, good penetration property, fast dry.

Spray glue for leather

CR type spray glue, spray adhesive, liquid adhesive spray. Viscosity:350~450CPS Special for leather/making furniture

spray glue for sofa

16years! High quality, good service for all customers , Welcome ordering and visiting HONGDING factory !

high viscosity neoprene glue

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Environment-friendly nanometre odourless spray glue

1.Light smell 2.Envirnoment-friendly 3.Economical 4.Heat-resistant 5.Excellent bonding strengty,aging-resistant

Spray Glue For Model Making,Crafts Scrap Boking,Photo Mounting

instant hold,strong bond,fast drying,clear drying.general purpose spray

neoprene shoe glue for chemistry

1,Do priting,filling and packing 2,Do buyer's brand and logo 3,Guarantee quality 12 months 4,Accept OEM service and sales

construction  spray glue for sponge

construction  spray glue for sponge 1. Easy to apply. 2. For general construction materials. no nail construction adhesive

Machine for producing spray neoprene glue

1.Machinefor spray neoprene glue 2.Production line 3.Technology supply 4.Original manufacturer 5.ISO9001,CE

Postforming Contact Adhesive Glue

1. Brand: QS SUPERTEC 2. Feature: High resistance, General use 3. Use: Construction, Wood, shipyard 4. Packing: 5/20/25/200L

neoprene glue/ all purpose adhesive

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China Factory Hot Sale Best Super Spray Glue

China Factory Hot Sale Best Super Spray Glue: 1-Strong stick 2-Quick-drying 3-single component

616 spray glue

616 1.High temperature resistent 2.For adhesion between fabric and sponge 3.spray glue,low visco 4.waterproof fabric adhesive

Maydos environmental friendly neoprene base contact cement glue

Maydos neoprene rubber contact cement glue/adhesive has strong bonding ability for all kinds of shoes decoration

Removable good quality embroidery Spray Glue (The UK standard)

Removable good quality embroidery Spray Glue (The UK standard) 1. strong adhesion, 2. large spraying area, 3. water proof

Waterproof Spray Glue

1.waterproof spray glue,spray adhesive,adhesive 2.Excellent heat resistance 3.for leather,sponge,cloth,wood & other materials

waterproof spray glue

16years! High quality, good service for all customers , Welcome ordering and visiting HONGDING factory !