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mini electric sewing machine ,poetable home use sewing machine

1.Featuring 8 stiches 2.Easy to operation 3. battery can be put on

high-speed semi-automatic nail box machine

1,High-speed semi-automatic nail box machine(single piece) 2This machine used for stitch cartons automaticlly ,can save worker

perfume box semi-automatic over-wrapping machine

perfume box semi-automatic over-wrapping machine CE Certificate Patent Semiautomatic Model

box stiching machine

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GIGA LX carton stiching machine

1.Cast by HT20-40 material 2.Carefully designed 3.Got CE 4.High-speed, carton stiching machine

JA2-2 stiching sewing machine with handle

Having been used for 100 yeas, is still popular today This machine is widely used in household sewing

stiching machine, corrugated machine

stiching machine, corrugated machine Type: 600\1200\1400\1600\1800

Corrugated carton box stapling machine/stiching machine /nailing machine

1 carton stapling machine 2 high quality 3 reasonable price 4 adopting base mould hard alloy 5 CE certification

Carton Stapler/stitching machine/stiching machinery/sticher

DX series of carton stapler is mainly to stitch the carton or Box

paper stiching machine

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semi automatic intelligent grain packing machine with stiching machinery

Automatic thread cutting infrared sensor Auto sewing and coding Auto lifting conveyor PLC control ISO9001 and TUV

Hot sale corrugated carton stiching machine in China

corrugated carton stiching machine 1.factory price 2.experienced 3.high quality

high-speed stiching machine ,carton machine, packing machine

High-speed stapler,speed 250 nai/min , 3/5/7 layer corrugated paperboard can be avilable .

Industrial stiching Machine of the machine

Type: industrial sewing machine For nylon zipper teeth sewing Speed:300yards/hour

carton stiching machine

1.width:2600mm 2.speed of sticher machine:400nails/min 3.nails from:30-80mm 4.number of nail:1-99 5.weight of stapler:23

used stiching machines

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12 stiches singer sewing machine

1.Featuring 12 stitches 2.Double thread, double speed 3.Including all-purpose presser foot replacement holder

semi-auto stiching machine, carton machine, corrugated machine

semi-auto stiching machine; Siemens PLC; Germany bearing ; Italian servo motor , Max speed : 400nails/min. power:6kw.max carton

SDJ Semi-automatic stapler/stiching machine/Box press machine

1.Stapler / Box press machine 2.ISO9001:2000 3.Long service life,stable 4.Good price,multicolor 5.Easy operation

Stiching machine

This carton stapling machine is painstakingly designed by combing the advantages of the same products

mini stiching machine

mini stiching machine: 1.High quality and best price 2.Long performance life 3.Prompt delivery time