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Double Lines Heat Sealing And Heat Cutting Bag Making Machine

1.full automatic machine to make t-shirt bag ,shopping bag,garbage bag, 2. double lines with double puncher

heat sealing&heating cutting bag making machine

1. use for PE film 2. computer control 3. easy operation

High speed Hot sealing Hot cutting Bag making Machine

produce and print natural color vest bags by taking HDPE and LDPE cylindrical films

foot stamping & cutting sealing machine

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Automatic T_shirt Bag Sealing Cutting Machine/ shopping bag making machine

plastic bag cutting machine,T-shirt bag making machine,automatic bag cutting machine, Automatic T_shirt Bag Sealing maker.

Computer Control heat sealing colding cutting t-shirt bag making machines

1.width:600-1200mm 2.for the flat bag and vest bag control, heat sealing cold cutting. 4.thickness:0.006-0.10mm

SHXJ-B600/1000 heat sealing cold cutting t shirt bag making machine

bag making machine 1.specification:as follows 2.high quality and output technique 4.good service

Full Automatic Heat Sealing Heat Cutting Plastic T Shirt Bag Making Machine Price (CW-2/400HSC)

1.plastic bag making machine 2.heat sealing bag making machine 3.heat cutting bag making machine

Full Automatic High Speed Hot sealing Hot cutting T-shirt Bag Making Machine

Automatic t shirt bag making machine 1. PLC control 2. two printed lines 3. good seal high speed 4. CE certificate

fast t-shirt bags making machine

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SHXJ-E600 series full automatic T-shirt hot sealing cold cutting bag making machine

bag making machine: 1.more output 2.saving electricity 3.easy installation 4,raw material LDPE/HDPE/LLDPE

Hot Seal Hot Cut T-shirt Bag Making Machine with Punch

Hot Seal Hot Cut T-shirt Bag Making Machine with Punchto Make Plastic Tshirt Bags or vest plastic bags, 2 lines, printed

T-shirt Bag sealing cutting making Machine DFR-500

Heat sealing and Heat cutting Bag making Machine suitable for making colourful vest bags and environmental degradation bags