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Printable Reinforced Fiber Water Activated Tape with brown kraft paper

Water Activated Tape 1.Strong viscosity 2. High tensile strength 3. Shear properties 4. Good shear properties

brown kraft paper tape for repatching bags,sealing box

Kraft gummed paper tape: 1.high tensile strength can be teared by hand 2.will be non-polluting 3.Recyclable

packing tape hotmelt

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factory price double sided tissue tape hotmelt/solvent

double sided tape 1,Strong adhesion. 2,Strong crack resistance. 3,High strength. 4,Good mitigating vibratility.

aluminium foil tape hotmelt with white release paper

Packaging Detail: as customer's request Delivery Detail: 20 days after received the 30% advance payment

Stickly double side tape hotmelt for sealing and packing tape

High adhesion, Easy tear ,Odourless, High tensile strength,Resistance to solvent burning, Good adhesive tape

strongth adhesive bopp tape hotmelt

BOPP adhesive tape hotmelt 1. Light material, strong anti-pull force, unchangeable color. 2. Custom logo printed availabl

adhesive tape hotmelt

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YD-102K tape hotmelt

1.Synthetic polymer resin 2.ISO,SGS,CTI 3.Fiberglass Tape 4.Manufacturer 5.foam glue

aluminium foil tape hotmelt

Application: Electrical Base, Shell Chemistry: Hybrid Insulation Adhesion: 26N/25.4mm Temperature Range:-10degree to 90 d

Oil Based and Hotmelt Double Sided Tape

Double sided tape 1.Double sided OPP tape is used for the electronic industry 2.rubber crafts 3.stationery or fur footw

Professional Self Adhesive Tape Paper Hotmelt

Professional self adhesive tape paper hotmelt 1.non-toxic and waterproof 2.good tenacity 3.excellent cohesion

paper tape hotmelt adhesive

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price hotmelt/solvent double sided tape

double-sided tape 1.excellent adhesion,easy to tear 2.tensile strength adhesive 3.strong climate adaptability 4.competiti

EVA Foam Tape hotmelt or solvent based , cheapest price , highest quality

1,factory direct sell 2,adhesived 3,size by demand 4,samples are free by demand

Hot melt adhesive bopp tape [Bopp tape/Silent tape/Acrylic/hotmelt]

Hot melt adhesive bopp tape Materials:Bopp film with Acrylic and paper roll core. T:31-70 micron. W:12-72mm.

Hotmelt reinforcing nylon tape in black,white and brown with strong stick NT-160

Reinforcing nylon tape: 1.Hot melt glue 2.100% polyester 3.White and black color 4.SGS standard can custom design

Water/solvent and Hotmelt Based Adhesive Double Sided Tissue Tape

1.backing: tissue 2.adhesive: double sided acrylic adhesive 3.color: semi-transparent 4.high adhesion stength