adhesive tape hotmelt

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Economic Double Sided Tape/Hotmelt Double Sided Tape

1.Fit for multiple fabrics 2.Double sided tape 3.Easy to control the interface 4.Cold resistance

factory price double sided tissue tape hotmelt/solvent

double sided tape 1,Strong adhesion. 2,Strong crack resistance. 3,High strength. 4,Good mitigating vibratility.

brown gum kraft paper tape hotmelt based

brown gum kraft paper tape hotmelt based 1.brown and white color is available 2. printable(printing logo, pattern)

paper tape hotmelt adhesive

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bopp tape hotmelt

bopp tape hotmelt Materials:Bopp film with Acrylic and paper roll core. T:31-70 micron. W:12-72mm.

aluminium foil tape hotmelt

Application: Electrical Base, Shell Chemistry: Hybrid Insulation Adhesion: 26N/25.4mm Temperature Range:-10degree to 90 d