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carton hot sale bopp seal adhesive tapes

carton hot sale bopp seal adhesive tapes Standard adhesive and resistance High resistance to weather Good adhesive

bopp tapes for carton packing adhesive tape

Manufacturer of BOPPfilm/tapes/glue ISO9001:2008/SGS certifcation Good adhesive/Super streght /Pretty price

good quality and price carton packing bopp adhesive tape

carton packing bopp adhesive tape: consistent quality, on time delivery, effective communication,competitive price

Double sided tissue tape/two side adhesive tape/double sided tape

1. 100% Origin 2. Cheap Price But Good Quality 3. 19 Modern Production Lines 4. Professional Service 5. Your Honest Partner

Tissue 3M 9448

3m Tape -professional die cut machine -sticks strongly to various surfaces -careful cut&package -good aging properties

High adhesive double sided tissue tape

High adhesve double sided tissue tape 1.Strong adhesion and cohesion

Newly displayed

textile adhesive tape dispenser

textile adhesive tape dispensercan program a defined lengthautomatically advancecut 2 Tape Rolls at the same timeOEM CE

Colored Zinc Oxide Strapping Tape Adhesive Plaster

Rayon Cotton Adhesive Sport Strapping Tape1.Jagged Edge for Hand-Tear2.CE/FDA/ISO approved3.Obdurability4.Customized

packing tape hotmelt

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YD-102K tape hotmelt

1.Synthetic polymer resin 2.ISO,SGS,CTI 3.Fiberglass Tape 4.Manufacturer 5.foam glue

Ipartner Multipurpose colorful cloth duct tape hotmelt

Pipes,duct warpping, waterproof cloth duct tape hotmelt

2014 new multifunctional bopp package tapes hotmelt

bopp package tapes hotmelt 1.easy to tear by hand 2.tear without residue 3.environmental material

brown strong adhesion kraft paper tape hotmelt based

brown strong adhesion kraft paper tape hotmelt based 1.brown and white color is available 2. printable(printing logo, pattern)

China factory directly sell double side foam tape hotmelt, Black printed foam and mesh design caps

1,factory direct sell 2,samples are free by demand double side foam tape hotmelt

factory price double sided tissue tape hotmelt/solvent

double sided tape 1,Strong adhesion. 2,Strong crack resistance. 3,High strength. 4,Good mitigating vibratility.

adhesive tape hotmelt

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bopp tape hotmelt

bopp tape hotmelt Materials:Bopp film with Acrylic and paper roll core. T:31-70 micron. W:12-72mm.

hotmelt,mailing/express /courier bag use,Permanent tape

Permanent tape for courier bag 18mm/14/10 Reusable, no peel off of adhesive, no residue.

oil based and hotmelt Double sided tape

1,Manufacturers 2,Good quality 3,Reasonable price 4,Fast delivery

Hot melt tape / hotmelt supplier

1.Color:faint yellow and pure white 2.Softening point:100-110 Degrees Celsius 3.Shear strength:min 1.7 Mpa 4.Free samples

Economic Double Sided Tape/Hotmelt Double Sided Tape

1.Fit for multiple fabrics 2.Double sided tape 3.Easy to control the interface 4.Cold resistance

Oil Based and Hotmelt Double Sided Tape

Double sided tape 1.Double sided OPP tape is used for the electronic industry 2.rubber crafts 3.stationery or fur footw

paper tape hotmelt adhesive

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oil based and hotmelt Double sided tape

double-sided tape 1.excellent adhesion,easy to tear 2.tensile strength adhesive 3.strong climate adaptability 4.competiti

cheap price hotmelt/solvent double sided tissue tape

PE Foam Double Sided Tape,1,High strength, with quick-stick and high adhesion2,Accommodates irregular surfaces

Resonable price hotmelt/solvent double sided bopp tape

Resonable price hotmelt/solvent double sided bopp tape 1.BOPP film based 2Strong holding foce 3.Excellent resistance of wate

water acrylic /hotmelt 100g double sided cloth tape

double sided cloth tape 1.Stable double sided viscosity 2.long-term holding power 3.Splicing and fixing the light product

Water/solvent and Hotmelt Based Adhesive Double Sided Tissue Tape

1.backing: tissue 2.adhesive: double sided acrylic adhesive 3.color: semi-transparent 4.high adhesion stength