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EnGenius EP801 - 800MHz 1-line Long range Cordless

Long Range Cordless PBX - 1 Line, Supports Multiple base (up to 4) to Extend the lines or range.

Long Range Cordless Phones

. MCU control, 100,000 duplex security codes ¡¡ performance . Li-on battery enables longer communic

base station amplifier

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2 channel fiber optical converter audio video/fiber optic audio converter for the base station

1 channel vedio, single mode, single fiber, can add the data port, telephone port, ethernet port, 20km-60km distance

fiber optical converter audio video/fiber optic audio converter for the base station

1.Abundant signal interface, such as video, data, audio, telephone, Ethernetk 2.Excellent data anti-thunder solution

BS2/2 DECT Base Station REF : (S30807-H5471-X200)

Allows 8 cordless telephones to communicate simultaneously fully tested with one year guarantee

Gigaset N510 IP PRO VOIP Phone Telephon SIP HD DECT cordless System

All companies need a base station to direct their communication. The N510 IP PRO is suitable SMB customers, as up to six handset

ALCON CT 8 - Long Range Cordless Telephones

Good signal quality RF stability & durability Mobile / Fixed operation Synthesized frequency

Digital Alarm Receiver based PCRC software

1.Digital Alarm Receiver support 24-hour Monitoring. 2.Automatic CONTACT ID 3.Real-time telephone line status reminding.

satellite base station

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HOT on sale wireless LCD telephone alarm system with voice home alarm system

1) wireless LCD display telephone system with voice 2) 44wirelesss/ 7wired 3) LCD, voice prompt 4) 85 event log 5) ademco

8 ports 64 sim cards GSM fixed wireless cellular, for call termination,quadband(800/900/1800/1900mhz)(Base Station locking)

GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal IMEI change by DTMF from telephone set SIM rotation GSM 8 ports FWT with IMEI changer

Pop Rerto handset for cell phone with base

Handset for cell phone with base 1.Anti-Radiation. 2.Handsfree. 3.Mixed colors. 4.3.5MM jack.

Grandstream DP715 cordless voip sip phone dect telephone

1.DECT base station registers up to 5 DECT handsets and talks to up to 4 handsets concurrently; 2.Advanced telephony features.

Retro Remote Telephone Volume Handset Receiver for iPhone4 /4S

telephone receiver for iphone4 1.landline telphone base station for iphone and fashionable 3.radiation protection

GSM and CDMA cellsite base station Camouflage Monopole Tree Tower for the cellular telephone system .

Material: Steel Q235/Q345 Height: 10 -50M Finish:Hot dip galvanized Shape:Camouflage Tree Shape Pine tree tower as conseal

microphone base station

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Brushless DC elecitrc compressor 48V a/c system High sensible Cooling Fixed Telephone Exchanges and mobile telecom tower cabins

BLDC 48v elecitrc compressor High efficient solar wind power For Telecom shelter Cellphone base station Mobile spot cooling

HVAC for High sensible Cooling Fixed Telephone Exchanges mobile telecom tower cabins compresspr

HVAC for High sensible Cooling Fixed Telephone Exchanges mobile telecom tower cabins aircon 48V DC compressor

Antenna Feeder Connector Closure----telephone cable

1, Used for communication base station 2, Innovative technology Keyword set: Antenna Feeder Connector Closure



10 mhz tcxo for cordless telephone

1.Dimension 14.3 x 9.3 x 6.5 mm typical 2.SDH/SONT,telecomunication base station 3.test and measurement equipment