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Black color 2-wire technology 4 to 20mA analogue output temperature transmitter TMT272

temperature transmitter 1)Galvanic isolation 2)Multiparametric backlight rotatable LCD display 3)Input: RTD, TC, Ohm, mV

4 to 20mA Temperature Transmitter

1.100% qualified factory test with high precision 2.Good price 3.ISO9001 4.factory

RTD Field-mounted Temperature Transmitter 4 20mA output MS190

1.Digital display (LED/LCD) 2.Output simulation 3.2 wire technology, 4 to 20 mA analogue output 4.Ex-Certification

4~20MA Temperature transmitter with Hart communication pt100 remote temperature transmitter

These are used to measure the temperature through Pt100 ,Pt1000 resistance thermometers, Type K, N,J,T,E thermocouples etc.

Universal head mounted RTD/TC (2/3/4 wire) temperature transmitter module

1) Connected into 2-wire, 3-wire or 4-wire 2) Output Signal: 4~20mA HART protocol 3) Isolation: 500VAC 4) RTD, Thermocouple

OEM Head temperature transmitter pt1000 MS181

Head Temperature Transmitter 1.PC programmable 2.Galvanic isolation 3.Convert accuracy:<0.1% 4.internal cold junction

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MYPIN PID Temperature Controller, Temperature Indicator, 4~20mA Output Temperature Controller (TA4-INR )

4~20ma output temperature controllerBest seller,hot sellAuto tuning PID function for heating & coolingUniversal input

4-20ma temperature module TMT101 with 2 wire

Temperature module:1)Output: 4 to 20mA2)Supply voltage: 7.5 to 45VDC3)Input: RTD, TC, Ohm, mV

Diffusion silicon pressure transmitter with good quality

1.Good quality 2.Long-life time service 3.Easy to operate 4.High tested

Rosemount 2051HG high temperature pressure transmitter

1. Rosemount 2051HG2. 4-20mA output 3. Good performance

Sensocon Series VTP 316 SS Stainless Steel Multi Range Air Velocity / Temperature / Pressure Transmitter

316 SS Armored Sensing Element and ProbeAdjustable Range from 1 m/s to 20 m/sDisplays Flow in m3/h or CFM and totalizes

NAME: Rosemount 644 temperature transmitter

1. Rosemount 6442. 4-20mA output 3. Good performance

rtd temperature transmitter 4-20ma

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Yokogawa Temperature Transmitters temperature transmitter 4 20ma YTA110

Yokogawa Temperature Transmitters YTA 1.Temperature Transmitters YTA110 YTA310/YTA320 2.Country of origin:Japan

2013 NEW temperature transmitter 4 20ma

temperature transmitter 4 20ma 1,good price and high quality 2,long life,easy installation

HOT SALE temperature transmitter 4 20ma

HOT SALE temperature transmitter 4 20ma 1.High quality,great function 2.Small compact 3.Good price, long life

temperature transmitter 4 20ma

TRH-555 provides an effective solution for analyzing and monitoring Temperature, Humidity and Dew point.

CMS- 1403 Thermocouple temperature transmitter 4 20ma

1.CMS- 1403 Thermocouple 2.Output 4-20 mA 3.High precision 4.2 wires 5.13~30VDC

pt100 temperature transmitter 4 20mA

Temperature Transmitter 4 20mA 1.CE certificate, 2.18 months warranty, 3.Insert length 30-2500mm, 4.long term stability,

cement plant temperature transmitter 4 20ma

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temperature transmitter 4 20ma

1,DIN rail installation,22.5mm width 2,temperature transmitter 4 20ma 3,dual channel for programmable input 4,K,E,S,

temperature transmitter 4 20ma TMT132

temperature transmitter 4 20ma, 1)Output:4 to 20mA 2)Supply voltage: 7.5 to 45VDC 3)Input: RTD, TC, Ohm, mV

temperature transmitter 4 20ma: YTA110 YTA310/YTA320

1.temperature transmitter 4 20ma. 2.Manufactured by Yokogawa. 3.The low-price leader for Yokogawa.

2014 Low Cost Rosemount 644 Temperature Transmitters, Temperature Transmitter 4 20ma

1. Inputs:User-selectable; sensor terminals rated to 42.4Vdc. 2.Single 2wired device

Industrial intelligent temperature transmitter 4 20ma

1. Our temperature transmitter 4 20ma has been approved by CE. 2. Material:ABS 3. Input: pt100,pt1000, Cu50,Cu100

temperature transmitter 4 20ma

1. Smart type 2. 4-20m output 3.HART Protocal 4.With Field display

temperature transmitter 4 20ma pt100

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Yokogawa Temperature Transmitter 4 20ma YTA110

Yokogawa temperature transmitter 1.YTA110 YTA210 YTA310, 2.4-20ma pt100,, 3.1 year Guarantee, 4.Original excellent quality.

thermal resistance temperature transmitter 4 20ma

Assembly thermal resistance 1.ISO 9001 &CE 2.Professional manufactureer 3.Advanced

temperature transmitter 4 20ma

temperature transmitter 4-20mA Output: 4-20mA Temperature range : 0-100 C Rank: 0.5%FS Voltage: 24VDC

industrial machinery&high Accuracy temperature transmitter 4 20ma Differential pt100&rtd temperature transmitter

industrial machinery&high Accuracy temperature transmitter 4 20ma Differential pt100&rtd temperature transmitter, Economical,

Hart Protocol Intelligent temperature transmitter 4 20ma

Temperature Transmitter 1.2-wire technology, 4-20mA+HART, FF, PA 2.For various input signals 3.High Accuracy

Shanghai feejoy temperature transmitter 4 20ma

1. temperature transmitter 4 20ma: 2. high quality and competive price; 3. offer OEM and ODM service