drop of oil

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100%bamboo fiber plain dyed stripe white bath towel

Specifications: 1.Soft and comfort 2.High water absorbency 3.Get rid of oil and dirt ,cleaning no vestige

immediately absorbed absorption in stock hair fiber oil

in stock hair fiber oil 1.GMPC(US/EU) 2.gently smoothes the hair cuticles; 3.helps fortify hair that is prone to breaking

hair building fibers oil

1.Make hair shinnly 2.Make hair absorb easily 3.OEM welocomed 4.48 hours fragrance

Facial Oil Absorbing Blotting Paper in PVC Pouch

Facial Oil Absorbing Blotting Paper in PVC Pouch Good item for blotting your oils on face. SGS tested under USA standard

suber absorbent polymer(SAP) for fibers,water proof tape

Good apsorption rate High inflation rate Good inflation height 80-150 mesh factory price fast delivery

eco friendly the absorber

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Wire mesh replacement Rexroth filter for oil absorbing R928005523

1.Simple structure,Top quality 2.resistant to high pressure 3.The best Craftsmanship 4.High filtration efficiency

oil filtering cloth raw material with SAF

1. filter 2.blocking water 3.durability

3M Towable Oil- absorbent Boom

The towable oil-absorbent boom is made of lipophilic, hydraphobic solvent-sprayed polypropylene fibers with light specific weigh