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Industry Grade Chitosan applied in making chitosan fiber

Chitosan is white powder, insoluble in water and organic solvent.

A200 titanium dioxide anatase fiber grade

A200 titanium dioxide anatase fiber grade 1. Type: Anatase type 2. CAS No.:13463-67-7 3. Factory price 4. Free sample

Manufacture of Carbonized Fiber Welding Blanket in China

1. activated carbon felt 2. high quality 3. competitive price 4. for water and air puriification 5.Certificate: ISO9000

charm market of oil

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Spill Oil Absorbent Pad

Absorbent oil pad: 1.Small density and floatable on water. 2.High oil-hold-ability. 3.Floats to clean up spills on water

Facial Oil Absorbent Paper

Facial Oil Absorbent Paper Our facial Oil Blotting Paper in Plastic Case with Mirror, good item for blotting your oils on face

Facial Oil Absorbing Paper With Citrus

Facial oil absorbing paper with citrus Ideal for midday touchups&makeup. Powder-coated for continued oil control.

Oil Absorbent Sock Made of 100% Polyethylene Fiber (Other enviromental products)

(1) 10-20 times quantity of own weight (2) Absorbs promptly (3) 100% polypropy

TM-OAS0708, 40PCS/50PCS/60PCS Oil absorbing sheet

High quality paper sheet, to control and absorb your face oil, cleaning and remove the remain of cosmetics on face

Crunch Oil Absorbent

Hydrocarbon Absorbents is used for the clean-up of oil and chemical spills

drop of oil

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promotion top quality kitchen bamboo fiber cleaning dish cloth

bamboo fiber cleaning cloth 1.anti-bacteria, oil resistant 2.removes dirt and grease without detergent 3.super absorbent


Oil absorbent boom, made of fine fiber, with spunbond outside and net covered on the surface. It's used on the sea.

50p Facial Oil Absorbing Blotting Paper

Specifications 1.good quality paper sheet 2.apply to control face oil 3. cleaning and remove the remain of cosmetics!

Barrel Top Absorbent Pad

Exclusive 8-layer, fine-fiber Mat construction soaks up oils, coolants, solvents and water Circular drum mat fits perfectly

Wire mesh replacement Rexroth filter for oil absorbing R928005523

1.Simple structure,Top quality 2.resistant to high pressure 3.The best Craftsmanship 4.High filtration efficiency

eco friendly the absorber

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Fiber oil diffuser

A new type of fiber stick which can replace the exhausted herbal material like reed ,banboo, etc. It's with good elastic.

Oil absorbing boom

1.absorbent micro fibers, 2.covered in a nylon net bag. 3.low price and quick delivery 4.quality warranty

food oil safe absorbing paper

food oil safe absorbing paper 1) Fiber natural desiccant 100% degradable 2) support all payment

Grey super oil absorbents KQ31-1 40cmX50cmX200pcs/carton

Grey super oil absorbents 1.Rapid oil absorbent ability 2.Portable, easy to carry 3.Liquid absorbent sheet 4.Superfine fiber

Super Absorbent Paper

Super Absorbent Paper fluffy, soft, absorptive, good in touch, straight, proper wetness

industry/househole water/oil/grease nonwoven absorbing paper

industry/househole water/oil/grease nonwoven absorbing paper 1. no-easy fiber off 2. superior water/oil/grease absorption