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Issue expanded vermiculite is carried out on two production lines with full automation of the technological process that allows

Xinjiang Vermiculite

Item: Xinjiang vermiculite Spceification Size moisture rock content -------------------------


Vermiculite is used in the construction, agricultural, horticultural, and industrial markets.

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Induction Smelting Furnace Bauxite corundum and magnesia High Temperature Refractory Cement

1) Good performance for thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistant2) Excellent mechanical strength3) Stable life cycle

high alumina refractory castable for cement kiln

high alumina refractory castable1.Corrosion&erosion resistance2.Good thermal shock resistant3.ISO certification

Cement mill

cement mill:1.large cacacity cement mill 2.capacity:100-1200TPD 3.excellent thermal stability 4.type: cement factory

Cement foam board with heat insulation at lower price

Cement foam board with heat insulation at lower price+Saving time +Eco-friendly +Sound insulation+Thermal insulation

roofing material thermal fiber cement board glass wool roll

glass wool1.Excellent quality2.Delivered within 15 days3.Competitive price

thermal insulation fiber cement wedges manufacturer epgc201 (B)

1. G10 High quality insulation wedge connector2. Good heat3. Due to order4. Easy to install

thermal cement block machine

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refractory thermal shock resistance castable cement for rotary kiln

1High strength at both high and low temp 2 Excellent wear resistance 3 Thermal shock resistance

direct bonded electric fused rebonded magnesia chrome refractory bricks for AOD,VOD,RH and cement/glass furnace

magnesia chrome refractory brickHigh corrosion resistance Excellent thermal shock resistanceISO9001:2008 standard

vermiculite used to make thermal cement

1.ISO9001-2008 company 2.The only director of TVA in Asia 3.High reputation in China 4.Export 20 years

Silicon Mullite Wear Resistant brick cement refractory cement

1, High crushing strength,cement refractory cement 2, Good thermal shock resistance 3, ISO9001 certification

Cement Refractory Cement

Cement Refractory Cement 1.Resisting high temperature. 2.Great bulk density. 3.Allow OEM,ODM 4.High refractorine

thermal cement hollow block machine

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Calcium Aluminate Cement

1. High refractoriness 2. Good resistance to abrasion 3. Good anti-corrosion performance 4. High thermal shock stability

vermiculite used to make thermal cement

1.Full sizes of specification 2.Fast delivery time 3.strict quality control 4.10 years export experience

Magnesia chrome bricks for AOD,VOD,RH and cement/glass industry

1.Good corrosion resistance 2.Competitive prices 3.Good thermal shock stability 5.Low cost,high performance and price ratio

MB-CMB-90 Magnesia Bricks/Refractory/High Temperature Furnaces/Cement/glass industry

1.good corrosion resistance 2.competitive prices 3.good thermal shock stability

cement kiln bricks

cement kiln bricks good thermal shock resistance, high temperature property and slag resistance

Cement rotary kiln with thermal insulation material

High temperature resistant No asbestos non-toxic no pollution Long time no ZouXing use Heat preservation effect is good

thermal cement hollow brick machine

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CA-70 High Temperature Refractory Cement

1Metal Trough High Temperature Castable Refractory Cement 2Good strength,thermal shock and slag/iron erosion resistance

high temperature castable refractory cement/insulation expansive mortar

1.Superior plasticity,ease of application 2.High cohesive strength and corrosion resistance 3.High refractoriness

Cement Refractory Cement, High Alumina Refractory Brick,standard size alumina brick

Cement Refractory Cement 1. Low thermal conductivity 2. Excellent refractory character 3.High application temperature

Light weight Refractory Castable/ cement/motar

Light weight Refractory Castable/ cement/motar used in thermal equipment such as non-ferrous,metallurgical industries

China cement refractory cement 1100 Rigidizer

China cement refractory cement 1100 Rigidizer 1. Excellent construction performance 2. Small contraction during baking

Alumina bubble brick high alumina cement

1.High purity; 2.High mechanical strength; 3.Low thermal conductivity; 4.Good stability