auto electric drive motor

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3 phase torque motor controller ac electric motor 22kw ac drive frequency inverter

Vector Control ;Constant Torque; All model are integrated IGBT; Starting Torque:150% of rated torque at 0.5Hz(SVC).

DC12V torque/hydraulic drive/electrical appliance motor

DCtorque/hydraulic drive/electrical appliance motor supply:12VDC Dimensions:154.9mm Application:1:Chemical Pump 2:Polisher

chinese mid drive 375kw dc high torque electric motor

chinese mid drive 375kw dc high torque electric motor 1Specialized since 1954 2Factory owner 3Machinery Industry

36 electric drive motors

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High torque 7.5kw 72V dc motor for convertion car

series dc motor has a strong capacity overload regen (SepEx) motors are regenerativing braking,and a higher speed

SV-DB100 Servo Motor Drives System,Servo Motor

SV-DB100 series servo drive has three control modes:position mode, speed mode and torque mode.

YLJ series AC electric motor

Electric motor Rated frequency: 50Hz The rated voltage: 380V Protective level: H80 ~ H180 for IP21 H63 ~ H160 for IP44