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Used old transformer oil regeneration system for energized or de-energized transformers, improve oil dielectric strength to 75kV

transformer oil regeneration system -remove moisture, gas, particles, acid, discoloration -Dielectric loss factors less 0.001

Transformer oil processing system

Transformer oil processing system by use of vacuum degasifying system and filtering system to process transformer oil.

Trailer Transformer Oil Purification System

1 Trailer Transformer Oil Purification System 2 Easy handling and maintenance. Online work available

dehydrated flour

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ZY-300 (18000 L/H) Waste Humid Transformer Oil Dehydration & Filtration Plant

Duplex-Stereo film evaporation technology Multi-stage precision filtration system high vacuum filtration

reliable high vauum transformer vacuum dehydrator

1-high vacuum 2-SGS, CE qualifying 3-Ultimate vacuum 5Pa 4-Apply to insulation oil, turbine oil, hydraulic oil, etc.

ZLA series portable vacuum transformer oil dehydrator

1)Double-stage, high vacuum and flow rate 2)Advanced dehydrating and degassing system 3)Precise fine multi-stage filtration

dehydration sieve

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Good quality transformer oil dehydration

transformer oil dehydration 1,Eco-friendly 2,Used in water filtering, air filtering 3.Strict quality control

vacuum transformer oil dehydrating

vacuum transformer oil dehydrating 1.high quality 2.high efficiency

ZYD150 Transformer Oil Dehydrator / oil purifier

Double Stage oil purification equipment with Roots Vacuum booster system Particularly use on 110KV power distribution

ZYD high performance transformer oil dehydrators,advanced coalescence-separation technology,high dehydrating efficiency

ZYD high performance transformer oil dehydrators 1.dewater,degas 2.with roots pump,high efficiency operation 4.good