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Sodium Lignosulfonate

Sodium Lignosulfonate 1.Thinner 2. Filtration Control 3. High Solubility

sodium lignosulfonate

1.Sodium Lignosulphonate 2.Yellow Brown powder 3.PH Value:9.88 4.Dry matter:95.12 sample

Sodium Lignosulfonate MN-3 sodium dodecyl sulfate msds

1:Ceramic additive. 2.Construction chemicals. 3:Refractory material. 4:Factory price. 5:Stable quality.

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Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose adhesive

HPMC appearance to be white powder or granule made from highly pure cotton - cellulose by reaction of etherification under alkal

polyvinyl alcohol adhesive

polyvinyl alcohol adhesive 1.Mositure,%: less than 7 2.PH in solution:5.0-7.0 3.Appearance:Granule or Powder

adhesion of paint removal abrasive steel grits G25

steel grits 1.for surface sandblasting 2.high density 3.angular shape 4.ISO9001,SAE,good price

pva for adhesive

pva for adhesive 1.Mositure,%: less than 7 2.PH in solution:5.0-7.0 3.Appearance:Granule or Powder

Transparent BOPP Film:used for producing adhesive tape/scotch tape

Feature: (1) High strength, high transparency and high gloss (2) High surface treatment (3) Excellent glue adhesion

Concrete dust treatment agent

It is easy to use,is the best magic weapon to cure ground, impervious surface, clean sealing surface.

water treatment adhesive

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UV surface Treatment And flooring vinyl self adhesive 6"*36"

1.Professional 4 mm 5 mm click vinyl flooring 2 .Durable, waterproof, fire resistant, non allergic 3. SGS cetification

polysulfide adhesive for treatment plants

polysuphide adhesive for treatment plants 1.waterproof 2.suitable for all kinds of climate 3.solvent free

Tile Adhesive,Mortar additive,Putty additive HPMC

Tile Adhesive,Mortar additive,Putty additive HPMC 1.According to the customer request strictly control the quality 2.30 years.

ceramic tile adhesive, beige ceramic wall tile

ceramic tile adhesive 1)Glazed Surface treatment 2)The first grade quality 3)CE&ISO9001,Soncap,etc

Calcium Lignosulphonate MG-1 Ca Adhesive

Calcium Lignosulphonate: 1:Ca Adhesive 2:PH Value:7-9 3:SIKA/GRACE/BASF supplier.

JN AA-3910 Flock Adhesive

Product features: JN AA-3910 Flock Adhesive is a synthesized product developed from advanced technology and formula containing

after birth treatment

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Inspection approved MBTS powder chemical industry adhesive

rubber accelerator MBTS REACH pre-registration Customized production MF:C14H8N2S4 Purity:98%

HTPB Hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene adhesive for propellants CAS 69102-90-5

Hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene/HTPB CAS 69102-90-5 usage:liquid rubber,chain extender and cross linker,high-energy fuel

cement additives&waterproof adhesive

CA513 is a penetrating primer. For the pre-treatment of absorbent substrates, reducing porosity and binding residual dust

Best Calcium Lignosulfonate MG-3 c condensers ca adhesive

Calcium Lignosulphonate 1.Light yellow powder 2.Compose : Ligno calcium sulfonate 3.Solubility : Easy dissolve in water

Sodium Lignosulfonate MN-1Concrete Adhesive

1. Sodium Lignosulfonate MN-1Concrete Adhesive 2.Construction Chemicals. 3.ceramics additive

HPMC tile adhesive of Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose

1.hpmc tile adhesive 2.Viscosity from 3 to 200 000 mpas 3.four grade:pharma,construction,food,industry. 4.Gelation:58-90

deco adhesives

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calcium ligno & calcium ligno sulphonate Adhesive/feed

Appearance: Brown powder usage:increase the animals' eating habits, help reduce the cost. High quality and competitive price.

polyamide hot-melt adhesive

1.good mechanical strength, good fluidity,excellent tenacity 2.high adhesion strength used for the adhesion of materials

2013 super fuller, thickness duo eyelash adhesive style

Blink natural cheap eye lash 1.Nature used in make up not undergo any chemical treatment 3.Synthetic PBT

Romania self adhesive tiles glass and porcelain ceramic tiles Adhesives

Usage :Interior Tiles Tile Type : Floor Tiles Surface Treatment : Polished Tiles

top quality cmc paper glue adhesive

top quality cmc paper glue adhesive 1,Good quality and reasonable price 2,free sample and fast delivery 3,SGS,BV,CIQ inspect

flake and granular Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) pva meshpva adhesive

1.textile industry: sizing material for textile 2.Construction:additive for Mortar and Putty Powder