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Sodium Lignosulfonate

Sodium Lignosulfonate 1.Thinner 2. Filtration Control 3. High Solubility

Manufacturer supply Sodium Lignosulfonate textile dyestuff

Sodium Lignosulfonate textile dyestuff Competitive prices Construction Chemicals. ceramics additive Oil drilling additive

Best Sodium Lignosulfonate Industrial Leather

1.Stable quality. 2.Competitive prices. 3.Construction Chemicals. 4.Ceramics additive. 5.Oil drilling additives.

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adhesion of paint removal abrasive material steel grit g40

1)steel grit g40 2) High density3) Chromium included4) Long life5) Hardness:GP,GL,GH

Adhesive stick Automatic labeling machine

Adhesive stick Automatic labeling machine Two label sticker machine Servo motor drive label; Labeling accuracy 1mm

silicone adhesive tube/23mm silicone hose/tube / conductive silicone tubing

silicon tube 1.Soft,high temperature resistance 2.electronic equipment insulation protection3.Food &Medical grade standard

Hot Sell Flocculant Polyacrylamide -PAM for water treatment chemicals

APAM 1.mud dehydrating agent 2.paper-making adhesive 3.treatment of Sewage 4.oil field chemical

deep lifting and bust treatment rehabilicare tens unit electrodes subhealth system medical device tens electronic pulse massager digital massage therapy 2. enjoy fitness enjoy beauty

Best sale for adhesive transparent signs

adhesive transparent signs1.Materials:PP(Polypropylene)2.Durable & recycled3.ISO9001

water treatment adhesive

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water treatment resin,adhesion accelerating

adhesion accelerating High quality, reasonable price.

polysulfide adhesive for treatment plants

permatex rtv silicone sealant 1.RTV silicon sealant 2.Strong adhesione and fast dry 3.Weatherproof and weatherproof 4.OEM

polysulfide adhesive for treatment plants

polysuphide adhesive for treatment plants 1.waterproof 2.suitable for all kinds of climate 3.solvent free

Tile Adhesive,Mortar additive,Putty additive HPMC

Tile Adhesive,Mortar additive,Putty additive HPMC 1.According to the customer request strictly control the quality 2.30 years.

Molasses Powder Calcium lignosulphonate Feed Adhesive

1.PH Value:5-7 2.Lignosulphonate:55%min 3.External Appearance:Yellow Brown Powder

cement additives&waterproof adhesive

CA513 is a penetrating primer. For the pre-treatment of absorbent substrates, reducing porosity and binding residual dust

after birth treatment

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calcium ligno & calcium ligno sulphonate Adhesive/feed

Appearance: Brown powder usage:increase the animals' eating habits, help reduce the cost. High quality and competitive price.

ceramic tile adhesive, beige ceramic wall tile

ceramic tile adhesive 1)Glazed Surface treatment 2)The first grade quality 3)CE&ISO9001,Soncap,etc

Additives and adhesive of aquatic feed

1. Quality polyacrylamide 2. Competitive price 3. Prompt delivery 4. Widely application 5. Long-time partner

Inspection approved MBTS powder chemical industry adhesive

rubber accelerator MBTS REACH pre-registration Customized production MF:C14H8N2S4 Purity:98%

JN AA-3910 Flock Adhesive

Product features: JN AA-3910 Flock Adhesive is a synthesized product developed from advanced technology and formula containing

factory good price cellulose ether chemical adhesive

cellulose ether chemical adhesive 1. factory directly 2. ISO, SGS, BV 3. Competitive price 4. free sample

deco adhesives

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hpmc tile adhesive with high quality

hpmc tile adhesive : 1.pH Value:5.0-7.0 2.Viscosity(mPa.s):1-200000 3.Ash % :1 Max

HPMC tile adhesive of Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose

1.hpmc tile adhesive 2.Viscosity from 3 to 200 000 mpas 3.four grade:pharma,construction,food,industry. 4.Gelation:58-90

Good compability no oil shrinkage antifoam adhesive QS65

antifoam adhesive 1. Equal to Dowcorning DC-65 2. Good compatibility 3. No oil shrinkage

HPMC Tile Adhesive/ Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose

Patented technology & Multiple use High quality with Factory price Various garde and usage Quickly shipment Sample for free

Sodium Lignosulfonate origin china CAS8061-51-6 be liquid adhesive

1 . Stable quality 2 . Competitive prices 3 . Construction Chemicals. 4 . ceramics additive 5 . Oil drilling additives

PAAS,adhesive of well drilling mud

adhesive of well drilling mud 1.High quality nad have gurantee 2.Fast delivery