tunnel dehydration machine

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Tunnel fruit microwave dehydrating and sterilizing machine

FEATURES: 1.Fast heating 2.Save energy and efficienc 3, Heating even 4.Mouldproof, sterilization, fresh 5. advanced craft

low price sterilizer belt stainless steel microwave tunnel lotus dehydrator

microwave tunnel lotus dehydrator material:stainless steel high efficiency, energy conserving

Microwave Tunnel Sterilizing Dehydrator/ Electric Sterilization System Dryer for mushroom,paprika

microwave tunnel sterilizing dehydrator 1.drying sterilizing food 2.Stainless Steel,Tunnel driving belt 3.PLC control

fruit dehydrator High efficiency tunnel microwave fruit dehydrator

1.energy save 30% fruit dehydrator 2dry & sterilize evenly and thoroughly 3.fruit dehydrator stainless steel fruit dehydrator

Microwave herb dryer herb dehydrator/sterilizer dryer tunnel microwave machine/Food Grade Tunnel Microwave Dryer

Food Grade Tunnel Microwave Dryer 1)Working time:continuous 2)Dehydrating time:10-20min 3)Stainless steel 4)Microwave leakag

2015 hot selling high quality for food dehydrator /drying tunnel for food/food dehydrator from Ms.Athena Solon

drying tunnel for food used for fruits vegetables medicine, low noise high temperature resistance, stainless steel

dehydration heat

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Fruit and Vegetable industrial microwave dehydrator/microwave fruits dehydrator/microwave vegetable dehydrator

Name: Microwave fruit and vegetable dehydrator Heating energy: Microwave Usage: Fruits & vegetables dehydration Type: Tunnel

FR-55A model stainless steel food drying machine , food drying tunnel,food dehydrator

1.lower energy consumption 2.compact structure 3.reliable performance 4.intelligent control 5.high efficience

High efficiency fully stainless steel vegetable dehydrator

vegetable dehydrator 1).Multipurpose; 2).High efficiency; 3).Tunnel driving belt

Food Dehydrator/vegetable drying oven/vegetable dehydration machine

1.High output. 2.Made of stainless steel. 3.Centrifugation principle. 4.Electromagnetic brake.

herbs dehydrating and drying machine/herb sterilization/tunnel dryer

herbs dehydrating and drying machine/herb sterilization/tunnel dryer 1.Heat quickly and evenly 2.PLC control

120w tunnel

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New Condition Dehydration of Fruits & Vegetables Dryer Machine

fruits & vegetables dryer machine 1.sterilization , drying,dehydration 2.SUS304 stainless steel 3.keep original taste,

Fruit & Vegetable Processing Machinery garlic piece dehydrator

1. garlic piece dehydrator 2. stainless steel 3. tunnel type driving belt 4. PLC controler

Fruit and Food Microwave Tunnel Dryer,Dehydrator and Sterilizer Machine

Fruit and Food Microwave Tunnel Dryer 1.Industrial stainless steel 2.For fruit and vegetable,meet 3.By PLC

HS-I Series Tunnel Machine To Dry Fruits

Machine To Dry Fruits Apply for Dehydrated vegetable,union, garlic,fruit, organic,plastic, rubber, wood,etc

high effective automatic food freeze dryers sale/tunnel dryer for drying flower /Industrial food dryer

1.fruit and vegetable dryer 2. stainless steel 3. multifunction, dry meat, vegetable, chemical, medicine