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two components carbon fiber adhesive, concrete reinforced by carbon fiber fabric

Good compatibility with carbon fiber; Strong penetration, can infiltrate into the concrete surface; Aging and water resistance

two component polyurethane adhesives for polystyrene sandwich panel

1.speed rate: 2 - 3.5 m/ min 2.1000kg gule can cover 9000 square meters 3.strong adhesion 4. room temperature curing

suitable for glazing application two component polyurethane adhesive

suitable for glazing application two component polyurethane adhesive 1.TVS,genreal use 2.Aquarium used 3.butt-joints

fiberglass coated with polyurethane resin

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two component polyurethane resin for moulds, rollers

two component polyurethane resin for moulds, rollers 200kgs/drums ratio: 1/1 Polyol and ISO

high quality two component polyurethane resin

polyurethane spray pu foam 1. High foaming speed 2. No shrinkage after cured 3.Predominantly Closed cell structural 4.OEM

raw material two component polyurethane resin glue transparent polyester resin

1. Transparent Crytsal Epoxy AB Glue for Gift 2. A resin.B hardener 3.resin+hardener 4.Free samples 5.Short delive

two component polyurethane resin reactor machine

1)two component polyurethane resin reactor machine 2)stainless steel 3)wood package 4)mix and cool 5)CE

polyurethane resins

Specifications Practical polyurethane resin suppliers 1.Avoid moisture,dirt andother atmospheric composition

polyurethane resin agent

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Polyurethane resin for air filter

1.two components 2.good elasticity and tension 3.color as your request 4.inject air filter end cap 5.long storage

Immediate high peel-off type Polyurethane Resin for Synthetic leather

Polyurethane Resin DA-62A is adhesive of two-component and dry-process polyurethane resin, with good cold-resistance.

high quality two function aliphatic polyurethane acrylic resin

curing soft,excellent resistance to become yellow,used for highgrade UV curing coatings,UV curing inks.

polyurethane resin cornices

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Two component polyurethane pouring for circuit board

This product is of polyurethane series packaging materials, excellent electrical performance.

PU8204A/B is two component no solvent RTV/Heating curing resin elastomer compound polyurethane adhesive sealant

polyurethane adhesive sealant 1.MOQ:500-2000pcs 2.ISO9001:2000,CE,UL,MSDS,SGS 3.we are factory,manufacturer 4.lowest price

Polyurethane resin

It is also called PU Liquid Rubber or Plastic Resin,raw material of PU Elastomers.t appies to make rods, wheels, sealing rings

Deli two component polyurethane adhesive ssd chemical solution

1.Directly manufacture 2.Strong ciscosity,good fluidity 3.Lower price and higher quality 4.Excellent weather resistance