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used ge logiq book xp portable doppler ultrasound machine

NET SIZE : W325 x D268 x H70 mm NET WEIGHT : 4.3kg

hot sale color doppler portable ultrasound machines with ISO9001 and ISO13485

color doppler portable ultrasound machines digital ultrasound engine high-resolution to get good image portable

portable ultrasound machine with doppler

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affordable ultrasound machine portable with color doppler DW-C60

ultrasound portable,128 element probe,17 inch LED monitor,windows battery back up

Sale of 3D Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner Machine with 4D Package Optional

1.Advanced Imaging Technology 2.Technologies of 4D volume rendering 3.Attractive price 4.Real-time 4D Technology

XF6600 3d 4d software notebook color doppler ultrasound machine with 15-inch display

1. Product name: 4d software portable color doppler notebook B-ultrasound scanner 2. Convenient 3. Light 4. Advanced

3D doppler ultrasound machine with great image

High definition image Very thin, light and pretty 15inches LED Screen

Fetal Doppler ultrasound Doppler Machine with LCD Display

ultrasound doppler machine desktop fetal doppler