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High Quality Silicone Sealant

High quality silicone sealant 1, Sealing & Glazing 2, Roof & Plumbing 3, Window & Glass 4, Ceramics, steel, concrete

underwater silicone sealant products

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all purpose underwater silicone sealant

1, Two Components,RTV-2; 2, Structural assembling for glass curtain-wall engineering; 3, Excellent weatherproofing performance

underwater silicone sealant

weather resistance Excellent conglutination resistance to water and weather stable physical and mechanical performance

GNS N95 FDA underwater silicone sealant

GNS N95 FDA underwater silicone sealant 1. Aproved by TUV ISO 2. Excellent short tack-free 3. Outstanding adhesion

corning silicone sealant

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ZR716 underwater silicone sealant

ZR716 underwater silicone sealant 1.Avoid moisture, dirt andother atmospheric composition 2.Pass RoHS, SGS,UL certificates

underwater silicone sealant, translucent and high intensity

underwater silicone sealant 1.waterproof, excellent adhesion 2.Fast cure; 3 excellent adhesion 4.accepet customized

silicone sealant oil

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S090(200L) High Intensity Silicone Structural Sealant underwater sealant

1. Excellent resistance to weather, low and high; 2. Excellent adhesion.

GS-Series Item-N silicone sealant underwater

GS-Series Item-N silicone sealant underwater 1.High content 2.High viscosity 3.Low liquidity 4.Shelf Life:24 months

JCT underwater silicone sealant NHZ-1000L

1.underwater silicone sealant 2.High temperature /pressure 3.Multi-funtional 4.Frequency control 5.CE,ISO14001,ISO90