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Rock Phosphate P205 24 % - For Indonesia

elHafez Company Is The Only Name You Need To Know. We Are An Agent & Distributor To Many Factories Worlwide

rock phosphate

USES Phosphate use in fertilizers industry Phosphate is source of ph


We Offer Rock Phosphate with Content P2O5: 28% , 29% and 30%

Rock Phosphate

Rock Phosphate (Powder)

NPK Fertilizer

Soluble NPK Fertilizer High quality 100% water soluble NPK+TE fertilizers Produce according to client's special formula

and rock chip

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urea phosphate (UP 17-44-0) 99min

Appearance: White Crystals Assay: 98.0%min. P2O5: 44.0%min Nitrogen as per N: 17.0%min

urea phosphate (up)/CAS No.4401-74-5 with high quality

Urea 46 1. Nitrogen : 46.0% Min 2. Biuret : 1.0% Max 3. Moisture : 0.5% Max 4. Size (0.85-2.80mm) : 90% Min

Sichuan Manufacture /factory price /98% Hot Sale Urea Phosphate /UP

1.Produce process: Hot process 2.Main content:98% 3.Factory price, prompt delivery

Urea phosphate in phosphate fertilizer

Urea phosphate in phosphate fertilizer 1. An excellent feedstuff additive 2.A high efficient complex fertilizer

Urea Phosphate

Urea Phosphate Purity:98% Industrial grade & Food grade Good price, quality & service!

Urea Phosphate 17-44-0

Urea Phosphate 17-44-0 Nitrogen: 17% P2O5: 44.0% PH: 1.6-2.4 Arsenic: 0.003%

nozzle urea

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good product with good price

urea phosphate 98%min

urea phosphate 98%min UP 17-44-0Classification: Phosphate Fertilizer Type: Rock Phosphate CAS No.: 4861-19-2

Sell All kinds of Phosphate From Different Origins and Real Sources

Brothers trading company is an independent international agricultural commodity traders.

urea phosphate

urea phosphate 98%min UP 17-44-0 Appearance: White Crystals Assay: 98.0%min. P2O5: 44.0%min Nitrogen as per N: 17.0%min.

urea phosphate

Urea phosphate is an organic compound of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and phosphorus.

diammonium phosphate/DAP china supplier

diammonium phosphate/DAP china supplier Assay : 99.0%min. P2O5 : 53.0%min. N : 21.0%min. Appearance : White Crystalline

landscape and rocks

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rock phosphate grinding mill

rock phosphate grinding mill 1 used in urea, ammoniam 2 unique hammer-shape rotor 3 perfect final crushing productin

ortland cement - white cement - UREA 46N - phosphate rock

ortland cement - white cement - UREA 46N - phosphate rock

Egyptian Rock Phosphate

We are one of the major exporter of Rock Phosphate, Silica Sand Quartz Talc Iron Oxide, Urea, DAP, MAP, NPK, GSSP

urea phosphate 17-44-0 High quality

1.Urea Phosphate ( UP ) 2.Cas no.: 4861-19-2 3.Content: 98% min

water soluble fertilizer Urea Phosphate 17-44-0

Foliar sprays for supplemental nutrition. Preparation of fertilizer blends and liquid fertilizer. White crystal free flowing,