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Rock Phosphate P205 24 % - For Indonesia

elHafez Company Is The Only Name You Need To Know. We Are An Agent & Distributor To Many Factories Worlwide

Rock Phosphate

Rock Phosphate (Powder)

rock phosphate

USES Phosphate use in fertilizers industry Phosphate is source of ph

Rock Phosphate

32% 31% 30% 29% 28% 27% ELEMENT RESULT(%) P2O5 32.0 31.5 30.2 29.5 28.3 27.1 CaO 49 50 48.00 48.00 45.61 45.0 MgO 0.3 0.3 0.

Zinc Liquid Agro fertilizers

Zinc 10% in liquid form. Agricultural Purposes. Micro nutrients foliar Spray

NPK Fertilizer

Soluble NPK Fertilizer High quality 100% water soluble NPK+TE fertilizers Produce according to client's special formula

and rock chip

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urea phosphate (UP 17-44-0) 99min

Appearance: White Crystals Assay: 98.0%min. P2O5: 44.0%min Nitrogen as per N: 17.0%min

Urea phosphate in phosphate fertilizer

Urea phosphate in phosphate fertilizer 1. An excellent feedstuff additive 2.A high efficient complex fertilizer

Sichuan Manufacture /factory price /98% Hot Sale Urea Phosphate /UP

1.Produce process: Hot process 2.Main content:98% 3.Factory price, prompt delivery

Urea Phosphate 17-44-0

Urea Phosphate 17-44-0 Nitrogen: 17% P2O5: 44.0% PH: 1.6-2.4 Arsenic: 0.003%

urea phosphate (up)/CAS No.4401-74-5 with high quality

Urea 46 1. Nitrogen : 46.0% Min 2. Biuret : 1.0% Max 3. Moisture : 0.5% Max 4. Size (0.85-2.80mm) : 90% Min

Urea Phosphate

Urea Phosphate Purity:98% Industrial grade & Food grade Good price, quality & service!

nozzle urea

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good product with good price

urea phosphate 98%min

urea phosphate 98%min UP 17-44-0Classification: Phosphate Fertilizer Type: Rock Phosphate CAS No.: 4861-19-2

urea phosphate

Urea phosphate is an organic compound of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and phosphorus.

urea phosphate

urea phosphate 98%min UP 17-44-0 Appearance: White Crystals Assay: 98.0%min. P2O5: 44.0%min Nitrogen as per N: 17.0%min.

diammonium phosphate/DAP china supplier

diammonium phosphate/DAP china supplier Assay : 99.0%min. P2O5 : 53.0%min. N : 21.0%min. Appearance : White Crystalline

Sell All kinds of Phosphate From Different Origins and Real Sources

Brothers trading company is an independent international agricultural commodity traders.

landscape and rocks

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rock phosphate grinding mill

rock phosphate grinding mill 1 used in urea, ammoniam 2 unique hammer-shape rotor 3 perfect final crushing productin

ortland cement - white cement - UREA 46N - phosphate rock

ortland cement - white cement - UREA 46N - phosphate rock

urea phosphate 17-44-0 High quality

1.Urea Phosphate ( UP ) 2.Cas no.: 4861-19-2 3.Content: 98% min

Egyptian Rock Phosphate

We are one of the major exporter of Rock Phosphate, Silica Sand Quartz Talc Iron Oxide, Urea, DAP, MAP, NPK, GSSP

water soluble fertilizer Urea Phosphate 17-44-0

Foliar sprays for supplemental nutrition. Preparation of fertilizer blends and liquid fertilizer. White crystal free flowing,