price ammonium urea fertilizer

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prilled urea 46 specification

We are leadingproducer of UREA in CHINA, with capacity of 200,000mts annually. We have done it for over 10 years.

Urea specification 46%N prilled&granular

UREA N46.4% 1. Nitrogen : 46.0% Min 2. Biuret : 1.0% Max 3. Moisture : 0.5% Max 4. Prilled urea & Granular

Urea 46 Fertilizer Specification

1.Urea 46 Fertilizer Specification 2.MF:CO(NH2)2 3.CAS:57-13-6 4.HS CODE:31021000 5 Export USA,AU,Mauritius,Bolivia,NZ etc.

Prilled / Graular Fertilizer Urea N46% Specification

urea fertilizer agricultural grade 46 % prilled;CAS No.: 57-13-6

Huminrich Shenyang SH9040-1 Blackgold Humate specifications of urea fertilizers

Shenyang fertilizers chemical formula Nitrogen Fertilizer Humic Acid matters Specification will be sent by email