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AAA grade beef half carcasses

We are selling AAA grade beef half carcasses from professional producer.

Australian Beef

Australia is one of the world's most efficient producers of cattle and the world's third largest exporter.

Cacus Beef

We are selling Cacus Beef and Beef Boneless Meat from professional producer in India.

Australian Beef, lamb and mutton meat

New Zealand Lamb Australian Lamb beef meat Mutton

grass fed beef

whole beef beef cuts Beef Hearts,Beef Feet ,Beef Tripes Beef Tails , Beef Pizzle ,Beef Kidneys Beef Livers , Beef Tongues

Australia beef

Quarter beef only its mean = one cow cut by 4 and frozen in the container n send.

us beef cattle industry

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We can offer hole cuts, all acordign to your specifications

Australian *A* Beef (Frozen)

Frozen Australian *A* Beef full set carcasses boned out packed natural fall in boxed cartons and loaded onto 40ft containers.

New Zealand Beef - Frozen or Chilled

Grass-fed New Zealand Beef. Available in multiple grades & formats. High in Omega-3, nutritious and low in fat.

Hind Quarter and Fore Quarter Beef

Fresh Frozen Boneless Buffalo Meat Beef


+ Moisture: 12 % max, 100% sun dried. + Quality: clear, dry, no chemical.

us beef company

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Authentic Japanese Wagyu Beef Rib Eye

Real authentic Japanese Wagyu from Japan. Born and raised in Japan. Nose prints will be available upon request.

beef cuts

Quality Australian Beef, Halal Certified, Ordered to Customers specifications. Contact us today for a free quote.

Australia Beef meat

Australia beef meat Australia goat meat 100% quality guaranteed

Beef Tenderloin

Australia Premium MSA Beef Wagyu Beef Price based on 4 different grades

us beef and cuts

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* Rich in Proteins and Vitamins * High Shell Life * Free from Preservatives * Packed in Vacum Plastic Bags * 20-25 Kg carton

Frozen Beef tripe omasum (bible, offal, manifold)

We have many different beef offals available including tripe, omasum, salted omasum cooked and uncooked.

Frozen Beef Tripe and HONEY COMB available for sale

Specifications 1. Type: Beef Tripe 2. Style: Frozen 3. Feature: Boneless

Salted Beef Omasum

We export frozen beef tripe,Salted beef omasum,Frozen chicken feet and paws and seafood.regentinternational102(AT)gmail(DOT)com