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RUISOFT RJ-8016 Hydrophilic Textile Auxiliary For Finishing

Soft hydrophilic RUISOFT RJ-8016 similar as DerMa NTcould be applied in soft and hydrophilic finishing of cotton textile.

Hydrophilic non-yellowing silicone softener(Textile auxiliaries)

Hydrophilic non-yellowing silicone softener(Textile auxiliaries) Give the fabric excellent smooth texture and sensitivity

with glutaradehyde for leather paper textile fields auxiliary additive

JL-504C anti-scale corrosion inhibitor 1.For water treatment in many fields 2.high efficiency 3.Fast shippment 4.OEM is ok

use enzymes washing powder

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Textile washing use enzymes

1.provide soft touch except used for jean leaven dye processing. 2.can obviously improve clothing surface magnitude

Hot!!! Sell Catalase as Industrial Use Enzyme

Industrial Enzyme Catalase can catalyze hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water and be used in textile, paper, etc.

drink enzyme

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Alkaline Protease Enzymes (Liquid)

Alkaline Protease Enzyme for use as Detergent Enzymes in detergent liquid formulation.

bio-polishing enzymes

DENYPILL P99C is a stabilised acid cellulytic enzyme for stonewashing of cellulose based garments and fabrics. It gives high abr

Safe and High quality supplements enzyme made in Japan " Resveratrol "

We use only ingredients that have been confirmed to be safe through a variety of analytical testing.

Desizing enzyme DHK188(textile auxiliaries)

Desizing amylase enzyme DHK188 Desizing enzyme DHK188(textile auxiliaries)

Polishing enzyme for demin washing

Polishing enzyme 1.uses in the cotton and kapok etc. 2.good price

enzyme china

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Enzymes for use in Brewing & Potable Spirits industrial enzyme

1.industrial enzyme 2.Standard: GB/T23527-2009 3.PH:2.5-7.0 4.Appearance:Powder or liquid

Polishing enzyme with high effcient

For the fabric to Mao Paoguang arrangement, suitable for use directly in different process of washing and dyeing factory.

Supply natural pancreatin enzyme

Name:Pancreatin Cas No: 8049-47-6 MF:mixtures Use:enzymes Appearance:white powder

Dextran Enzyme: Dextrasol

Food grade dextranase manufactured using fungal source for application in sugar processing to remove dextrans (polysaccharides)

complex enzymes for animal feed additive

animal feed additive complex enzymes 1. thermostable and storing stable 2. accurate formula and precise use

Enzymes (Hospital,MSDS)

Enzymes It can remove all kinds of organics on instruments, Used in Medical and hospital 1000ml/bottle ISO9001