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Waterproof & Oil proof Agent- textile auxiliary

Waterproof & Oilproof Agent Competitive price & high efficiency.

textile auxiliaries

polyether modified silicone oil for textile auxiliaries.Smooth, soft, low surface tension, used in textile printing and dyeing.

Textile Auxiliaries

Acid-Base Products, Printing Auxiliary, Disperses, Levelings, Enzymes, Wettings, Sequesterings, Anticreasing, etc...

use enzymes washing powder

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Competitive price baking / alcohol / beer / syrup industry use alpha amylase enzyme

high temperature alpha amylase for glucose gyrup,beer,starch sugar 1.We have GMP Factory 2.ISO,GMP 3.Free samples

Hot!!! Sell Catalase as Industrial Use Enzyme

Industrial Enzyme Catalase can catalyze hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water and be used in textile, paper, etc.

Ethanol use amylase enzyme

heat stable alpha amylase 1.Activity: 40, 000 U/ml (minimum) 2.Optimal pH: 5.6-6.2 3.Appearance: Light to dark brown liquid

bio polishing enzyme supplied to use after textile color paste process

1.for demin fabrics, shaved finishing 2. do the old style of demin clothing 3. better colou retention 4. be security

Phytase (5000U/g--200 000U/g) Feed Enzyme Manufacturers

Phytase (5000U/g--200 000U/g) Feed Enzyme Manufacturers allows swine & poultry to better utilize the phosphorus and reduce use

drink enzyme

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Safe and High quality supplements enzyme made in Japan " Resveratrol "

We use only ingredients that have been confirmed to be safe through a variety of analytical testing.

alpha amylase enzyme

alpha amylase enzyme Enables a reduction in amylase use aa Effective dose 20%-80% of competitor products.Eliminates viscosity

Alkaline Lipase Enzymes (Granules)

Alkaline Lipase Enzyme for use as Detergent Enzymes in detergent powder formulation.

scouring enzyme

use in cotton 4 in 1 scouring agent . only need to add hydrogen peroxide (27.5%) 8-10g/L, scouring enzyme JL-906 1.5-3%/L

Enzymes (Hospital,MSDS)

Enzymes It can remove all kinds of organics on instruments, Used in Medical and hospital 1000ml/bottle ISO9001

Neutral Cellulose Enzyme

1) Neutral Cellulose Enzyme 2) use as textile auxiliary agent 3) High quality 4) Reasonable price

enzyme china

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Polishing enzyme with high effcient

For the fabric to Mao Paoguang arrangement, suitable for use directly in different process of washing and dyeing factory.

Supply natural Deaminase enzyme

Name:Pancreatin Cas No: 8049-47-6 MF:mixtures Use:enzymes Appearance:white powder

Super Complex Feed Enzymes for Poultry Use

IncSupply exogenous cellulase, xylanase, beta-glucanase, etc. Enhance immunity Increase the anti-heat stress capacity

Desizing enzyme DHK188(textile auxiliaries)

Desizing amylase enzyme DHK188 Desizing enzyme DHK188(textile auxiliaries)

Dextran Enzyme: Dextrasol

Food grade dextranase manufactured using fungal source for application in sugar processing to remove dextrans (polysaccharides)

Enzymic product for industrial use

Reduce COD & BOD upto 90-95% & ammonical nitrogen, Handle shock loads very well, used for commissioning purpose,Maintain MLSS