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uv resistant silicone cartridge

uv resistant silicone cartridge 1.Neutral cure, 2.high quality 3.General glazing

uv resistant construction silicone liquid

uv resistant construction silicone liquid 1.TVS,genreal use 2.Aquarium used 3.Butt-joints 4.Special architectural glazing

uv resistant silicone liquid

uv resistant silicone liquid 1.acetoxy cure, 2.high quality 3.Easy application

uv resistance adhesive tape

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High quality UV resistant self adhesive 1.5mm thickness aluminum waterproofing membrane

Aluminum waterproofing membrane 30 years factory 5 big production lines ISO14001:2004, ISO9001:2008,CE High tensile strength

UV Resistant Steel Adhesive

UV Resistant Steel Adhesive is one of our most popular products.Against moisture, dirt and other atmospheric......

Impact and Moisture Resistant UV Cure Adhesive

UV Cure Adhesive for Plastic Bonding. Bond plastic part, e.g. winding welding point protection. Impact and moisture resistant.

UV resistance organic MS filler adhesive

1,No VOC, no silicone, no bubbles curing, no odor 2,Anti-UV, anti-aging ,anti-weathering, anti-flooding and mildew

heat resistant adhesive

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Transparent silicone encapsulating adhesive with excellent UV resistance

1) Transparent silicone encapsulating adhesive 2) two components, heat curing 3) excellent UV resistance

high intensity grade reflective film, acrylic , adhesive, 10 years, UV resistant, muti-color

1.strong weather-resistant ability 2.high level of color uniformity and surface smoothness 3.high reflecting ability

UV resistant Silicone adhesive for ABS/Metal/Nylon/Fibre

Silicone adhesive Curing at high temperature Clear colloid Low and high temperature resistance RoHs,FDA provide

UV Resistance cold lamination film/good self adhesive

1.Waterproof ability. 2.PVC material 3.High quality glue

Excellent UV resistance insect capturing adhesive

Excellent UV resistance insect capturing adhesive 1.Colorless, transparent 2. Certificate:ISO9001:2008,ROHS,TUV,SGS

0.12mm 7192 UV resistant printing label adhesive

label adhesive 1.0.12mm/0.16mm vinyl 2.water proof,UV resistant

100 acrylic resistance adhesion

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UV resistant MS sealant adhesive for boat deck flooring(SM1353)

MS polyurethane sealant supplier of VW,CUMMINS, Volvo etc; sealant with OEM and ODM service; CE,SGS,ISO9001:2000,MSDS,UL

Top Grade UV Resistence No Odor Transparent Construction adhesive for Diapers

1)construction hot melt glue for sanitary napkin 2)China biggest manufacturer of HMPSA 3)3000TON/MONTH 4)ISO, SGS,FDA,REACH

uv resistant construction silicone good adhesive

uv resistant construction silicone good adhesive 1.TVS,genreal use 2.Aquarium used 3.Butt-joints 4.Neutral curing

HH-6900 590ml Prefessional Uv Resistance Weatherproof Construction Silicone Adhesive

HH-6900 silicone weather-proof sealant Quickly speed of curing, excellent adhesion, middle , excellent movement capability

Epoxy Polyurethane PU Adhesive For UV Resistance, Water Clear 3D Doming Of Sticker, Nameplate, Badge, Label.

1. Printing information, colors and shape can be varied flexible 2. Competitive price with high quality 3. Prompt delivery

UV Rays Resistance Distinctive Elasticity and Restoring Force black glass silicone adhesive

black glass silicone adhesive 1.Acetic curing 2.Sealing,bonding on doors,windows etc. 3.Clear,black&grey color