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Paintable MS Polymer Multi Purpose High Quality Strong Adhesive

strong adhesive *OEM *Paintable *Certification: SGS; ROHS; ISO *Fast Curing&Excellent Adhesion

multi purpose MS polymer silane-modified adhesive for factory

1,No VOC, no silicone, no bubbles curing, no odor 2,Anti-UV, anti-aging ,anti-weathering, anti-flooding and mildew

White neutral starch for making adhesive in paper products production

1 neutral starch based adhesive 2 suit to paper products production 3 strong adhesion 4 fast drying 5 cheap price

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COJSIL-WD stable silicone sealant,neutral cure,construction use, marble adhesive

Windows&Doors Silicone Sealant1.glazing for all type windows&doors 2.watertight, weatherproof 3.UV, mildew resistance

High Temperature electronic components appliction PET adhesive tape

High Temperature Transparent PET Double Sided Tape1.Super thin thickness2.High definition;low mist 3.UV radiation resistan

HOT Selling!!! High Performance Multi-Purpose Silicone Rubber Adhesive Sealant

silicone rubber adhesive sealant1.Fast drying2.Water-proof, UV-resistant3.Leakage-resistant, excellent adhesion

UV resistant nature rubber adhesive tape masking film

outdoor construction cloth tape masking film 1. UV resistant cloth tape2. nature rubber adhesive3. cling perfect on rough

2014 High temperature resistance laptop computer sticker

laptop computer sticker1. eco-friendly2. ROHS,UL3.14years printed stickers

Custom high quality hot sale "Hello, my name is" UV resistant sun-proof ink printing vinyl eggshell stickers customized designs

Uv resisant my name is eggshell stickers*black border sun-proof ink printing outdoor use*sticky glue with brittle face

uv resistance adhesive tape

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Impact and Moisture Resistant UV Cure Adhesive

UV Cure Adhesive for Plastic Bonding. Bond plastic part, e.g. winding welding point protection. Impact and moisture resistant.

UV resistant sealant adhesives for solar panels

1.UV resistant sealant adhesives for solar panels 2. Good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. 3. Water resistance

0.12mm 325 UV resistant water proof adhesive labels printing

adhesive labels printing 1. 0.12mm / 0.16mm adhesive labels printing 2. water proof ,UV resistant adhesive labels printing 3.

uv resistant self adhesive vinyl labels metal foil self adhesive

uv resistant self adhesive vinyl labels 1)Material:PVC 2)Thickness: 0.02mm,0.04mm 3)Width: 45cm,90cm

Excellent Bonding Non Pupulation Weatherability UV Resistance Non-Yellowing Stone Adhesive

Granite adhesive: 1.Fast hardening. 2.Non hand sticky after cured. 3.Good adhesion.

UV resistant Silicone adhesive for ABS/Metal/Nylon/Fibre

Silicone adhesive Curing at high temperature Clear colloid Low and high temperature resistance RoHs,FDA provide

heat resistant adhesive

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uv resistance silicone adhesive component,100%RTV silicone 2.acetic cure 3.good adhension and age resistance 4.OEM 5.Dow corning quality silicone

HH-6900 590ml Weatherproofing UV Resistance Waterproof Silicone Glass Adhesive

HH-6900 silicone weather-proof sealant Quickly speed of curing, excellent adhesion, middle , excellent movement capability

Excellent UV resistance insect capturing adhesive

Excellent UV resistance insect capturing adhesive 1.Colorless, transparent 2. Certificate:ISO9001:2008,ROHS,TUV,SGS

UV Resistant Factory Adhesive

UV Resistant Factory Adhesive is one of our most popular products.This product donot need to mix, easy to use.

UV resistance MS polymer adhesive

1,No VOC, no silicone, no bubbles curing, no odor 2,Anti-UV, anti-aging ,anti-weathering, anti-flooding and mildew

uv resistant construction silicone good adhesive

uv resistant construction silicone good adhesive 1.TVS,genreal use 2.Aquarium used 3.Butt-joints 4.Neutral curing

100 acrylic resistance adhesion

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Top Grade UV Resistence No Odor Transparent Construction adhesive for Diapers

1)construction hot melt glue for sanitary napkin 2)China biggest manufacturer of HMPSA 3)3000TON/MONTH 4)ISO, SGS,FDA,REACH

UV curing liquid optical clear adhesive with boiling resistance

1, adjustable viscosity, for touch screen 2, UV curing liquid optical clear adhesive 3, boiling resistance, low hardness

UV Resistance cold lamination film/good self adhesive

1.Waterproof ability. 2.PVC material 3.High quality glue

UV Rays Resistance Distinctive Elasticity and Restoring Force black glass silicone adhesive

black glass silicone adhesive 1.Acetic curing 2.Sealing,bonding on doors,windows etc. 3.Clear,black&grey color

high intensity grade reflective film, acrylic , adhesive, 10 years, UV resistant, muti-color

1.strong weather-resistant ability 2.high level of color uniformity and surface smoothness 3.high reflecting ability

Epoxy Polyurethane PU Adhesive For UV Resistance, Water Clear 3D Doming Of Sticker, Nameplate, Badge, Label.

1. Printing information, colors and shape can be varied flexible 2. Competitive price with high quality 3. Prompt delivery