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Household Food keep-fresh Vacuum Sealer

1. Deluxe Vacuum food sealer 2. material: ABS 3. size: 400*190*85mm 4. weight :2.50kg 5. vacuum pump to keep food fresh

<YJ-VS1500 > 2012 Food Saver Vacuum Sealer

food saver vacuum sealer: a.Best package for outdoor use like in a picnic, car; b.Ideal for best hygiene, fresher meal.

vacuum sealer household

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YJ-VS1500 food saver Vacuum Sealer New!

Vacuum Sealer: 1.Best package for outdoor use like in a picnic, car; 2.Ideal for best hygiene, fresher meal & healthy life

Food Vacuum Sealer

1.CE approved. 2.suitable for small businesses and small shops vacuum sealer 4.type :vacuum packing machine

Vacuum Sealer,/Vacuum Packing Machine

vacuum packaging machine can finish the whole programs of vacuum extraction, gas flushing (optional) .

small vacuum sealer

The product after packing can be prevented from tainting by odor, off-odor or dehydration and be kept fresh for longer time CE