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607W single component RTV silicone sealant with high thermal performance

WTS-607W RTV SILICONE SEALANT for electronics bonding sealing thermal conductivity 0.8W/( m.K) single-part silicone rubber

RT-6600 Black RTV Silicone Sealant for Point-Curtain.

One part, neutral curing, RTV Silicone Sealant middle-high modulus, Joint sealing of point-curtains.

Double components transparent waterproof RTV silicone potting rubber silicone pouring sealant

1) transparent waterproof RTV silicone 2) safe electrical performance 3) good heat resistance 4) accept sample orders

Silicone confommal protective coating sealant for PCB

Silicone confommal protective coating sealant for PCB RTV1 silicone gel for PCB conformal coatings

Building and Construction Silicone Adhesive

Silicone Glass Joint Sealant 1.multi purpose acetic silicone sealant 2. One part, Single part 3.heat resistance

Silicone Conformal Coating 1-2577 DOW CORNING

1.conformal coating DOW CORNING 1-257 2.protective coating for PCBs 3.excellent moistore resistance 4.clear straw

aircraft varnish

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with varnishing hydraulic kitchen cabinet hinges sealant

1.Eco-friendly materials 2. Customized size and design 3. Advanced processing techniques

Fungicide Grade Waterproof Construction Acrylic Sealant

1. Brand: QS DISPERTEC 3. Usage: Construction Crack Gap Sealing Filling 4. Shelf Life: 18 months 5 Feature: Paint, Varnish

Quality most popular aluminum aerosol canned pu foam sealant

aluminum aerosol canned pu foam sealant Volume: 5ml to 500ml Closures:screw/slip lid Finish:varnished or lacquering

High Quality epoxy resin sealant

1,a good property of flowing,self flow leveling without stirring and pressing 2,high strength, wear resisting withanti-water

Guangdong manufacture mildew resistant bath sealant

door polyurethane varnish low modulus self bonding easy to repair anti-fungus can be paintable

pine wood knobs varnish

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special silicone sealant for electric appliance

weather resist excellent adhesion to, zinc-coated metal or metal after anodic treatment, roasting varnish metal,aluminum

Tanyun multi-function single-component polyurethane foam sealant for sonstruction

construction Polyurethane/PU Expanding Foam one-component Polyurethane Foam, expand foam anti-freezing, anti-moisture

RTV Silicone Sealant for PCB conformal coating

1.Used in electronic device and building material for insulation and sealing 2.Good electrical performance

super easy sanding automotive body sealant

automotive body sealant 1.Easy sand,fast dry 2.Good adhesion&viscosity 3.OEM cutomized 4.ISO 9001:2008

Modified polyurethane marine wood sealant

1.China sealant/ adhesive manufacturer 2.Modified polyurethane marine wood sealant 3.MOQ100 4.ISO9001:14001

Gorvia PU Sealant PU Auto Sealant

Construction application PU Seanlant 1.Construction application 2..Windshield glazing 3.Low modulus, high elasticity

medium intensity sealant

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electrical parts join silicone sealant 280ml/300ml

1 weather resist 2 excellent adhesion to, zinc-coated metal or metal after anodic treatment, roasting varnish metal,aluminum

aerosol canned pu foam sealant

aerosol canned pu foam sealant 1.aluminum+epoxy inside 2.Customized logo,colors,sizes 3.BV,FDA,SGS,LFGB

Silicone rubber adhesives/sealant

silicone water based adhesive High transparent Low and high temp resistance Self-adhesive Used for special material

paint sealant

paint sealant -Cheap alternative -Harmless to car -Easy to remove -Protection again dirt

Gasoila - Hard-Set Thread Sealant

Gasoila Hard-Set Thread Sealant is a hard-setting, fast-drying, red varnish sealant.

Nano Tech - Diamond Liquid Coat - Car Sealant

Diamond Liquid Coat is a sealant for car body which offers an excellent long longevity protection.