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Low cost China popular prefabricated villa light steel villa

light steel villa 1.PU sandwich wall panel 2.Fir rating gets B2 3.Can resist 12 degree earthquake 4.Waterproof dampproof

prefab house,prefabricated house,house,prefab homes

1.Engegy-saving & eco-friendly 2.Quick installation 3.Safe and durable 4.Easy to transport and assemble

prefabricated luxury villa

prefabricated luxury villa Easy assemble Customized for user Certified ISO 9001,CSA,CE,AS

prefabricated steel frame villa

Prefabricated steel frame villa Thermal Insulation/Soundproofing Anti-seismic/Anti-fire/Anti-wind Ventilation

Prefabricated house for sale

1)Flexible layout 2)Sound proof, water proof 3)Fast installation 4)Easy assemble and disassemble

40ft container villa home

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light steel structure prefab house and prefab villa for holiday home

prefab house Very fast build 30-70 years life Good insulation Strong to resist earthquake and wind gale

Hot selling modular house economic villa prefabricated house of home plans

1) modular house 2) Flexibility in design 3) Excellent in Earthquake, Wind and Weight Capacity s 4) High Strength

Economic prefabricated simple villa house /home ,guard room on promotion

Light steel structure prefab house 50 years service life. Environmental Low cost and easy assemble

prefabricated home villa house

Light steel villa 1)Beautiful and durable,can be customized. 2)Quick installation 3)Convenient Decoration

NEW! Pre-engineering prefabricated villa houses/homes exported to Angola, South Africa, India, Austrilia etc

Prefabricated luxury houses/homes Easy fast to install Three bedrooms 72m2 dismountable and heat insulation Nice appearance

Modern economic prefabricated villa house/prefab homes(professional manufacturer)

1,Simple but generous appearance 2,longevity and recyclable 3,Simple but generous appearance 4,longevity and recyclable

green villa homes

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2013 Light steel villa house prefabricated homes(Professional Manufacture)/ prefab houses/ prefabricated house

high quality prefabricated houses/eps cement wall panel 1.Lightweight 2.sound insulation proof

round homes/mobile villa house/prefabricated building prefabricated house

1. Waterproof & insulation, 2. Earthquake resistance 3. Easy to assemble and disassemble 4. Environmental, easy transportat

prefab villa home modular container house for sale

Movable and easy to clean Waterproof, high strength, impact resistance and sound insulation Easy to assemble and disassemble

Great modular home portable villa house for accommodationideas made in China

modular home portable villa house for accommodation 1.Smart modular home portable villa house for accommodation,fresh style. 

home house decorations

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Luxury design wooden villa Prefab log homes prefabricated houses

wooden villa 1.Quickly to assemble 2.Good earthquake proof 3.Green,and energy save 4.Personalized design

modular house economic villa prefab home prefabricated house

1. Eco-friendly 2. Stable steel frame structure 3. Less space required for materials on site

Cheap prefab homes villa beach houses for sale

prefab house with parquet wood floor 1.Strong structure and nice appearance 2.Easy to assemble and disassemble

Top Build professional solar energy prefab houses/homes/villas on sale

1. Durable 2. Control quality easily 3. Fast to install and dismantle 4. Environment friendly by solar panels

china cheap prefabricated mobile villa home house

trailor prefabricated house flat packed with electricity and plumbling portable office sleepout