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Bureau Veritas Certification tio2 paint

paint Widely use in coatings, high solid-content paint, powder coating, special paint for ships and printaing ink.

hydrocarbon resin

hydrocarbon resin is a kind of flake and granular form solid

auto paint (primer,putty,color,varnish,hardender,thinner,paint machine) -car spary paint

auto paint,auto coating,car paint -Color Master Batch,Base Primer,Curing Agent for Base Coating,Epoxy Hardener,Thinner and so on

Waterborne(water-based) Anticorrosive Paint(Primer and Topcoat)

Single component Can applied directly on rusty surface! Completely water-based, Eco-friendly Quick drying High coverage

clear acrylic coating for exterior wall weather resistant exterior paint

weather resistant exterior paint Excellent weathering & color retention Super adhesion,high-coverage Excellent alkali,fungus

2013 White Paint and Coating Pigment Lithopone(ZnS.BaSO4)(Rubberlith)(Zinc Barium Sulfate)

1. Different Srandards of Lithopone used on Paint and Coating 2.2013 White Paint and Coating Pigment Lithopone(ZnS.BaSO4)

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washable interior wall paint

1. wall coating base paint 2. usedbefore paint coat 3. suitable for cement mortar base course 4. form: white or gray powder

waterproof interior wall paint

waterproof interior wall paint -Cheap alternative -Harmless to car -Easy to remove -Protection again dirt

Exterior Wall Texture Paint

Power coating 1.Durable for 40 years,low absorption; 2.Lower cost and easy to apply; 3.Environmental-friendly.

Guangdong manufacturer paint wall putty

Auto Filler Putty For Car Repair 1.Easy sand,fast dry 2.Good adhesion 3.OEM cutomized 4.ISO 9001:2008 5.Smooth spreading

Supply acrylic paint dots for wallpaper paint

acrylic paint dots for wallpaper paint non-pollution, non-radiation wash resistant, durable various styles alkali & moldy

decoration wall paint

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VIT China waterproof interior wall paint SWJ-3311

VIT China waterproof interior wall paint 1. Good waterproof performance 2. Suitable for washing room, swimming pool

Interior wall paint(super-easy wash series)

wall paint,paint,emulsion paint - adopt high grade emulsion , can form the compact paint film, good covering property.

2014 Wholesale Environmental Gold Foil Wall Paint

Golden foil paper Highlight personalized metallic texture gorgeous appearance weathering, stain-resistant

Hot Selling!!! CARPOLY High Performance Metallic Fluorocarbon Wall Paint

1.crack-resistant 2.anti-corrosive 3.stain-resistant 4.uv-resistant 5.waterproof 7.metallic luster

exterior wall paint

1) paint 2) Yellowing resistance. 3) 100% acrylic odourless 4) high covering

Exterior Wall Paint

Exterior Wall Paint Soluble in water Rich color choice 2-component groups ISO 9001, ISO14001

wall paint sticker

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China OEM manufacturer for Building Spraying Eco-friendly Internal Wall Paint

Internal Wall Paint 1,Economic 2,Strong hiding power &Easy application 3,Performance stable and reliable

water based decorative exterior spray granite wall paint

spray granite paint Pollution-free; 1.Rich and elegant texture 2.Excellent weather resistance

Caboli Water based Spray Exterior Rough Texture Wall Paint

1.Caboli Water based Spray Exterior RoughTexture Wall Paint 2.Rich and elegant texture; 3.Excellent weather resistance

Classical 100 colours for wall paints

Classical 100 colours for wall paints, be cheap and at the same time very good paints color card with accurate color match

Interior Wall Paint

Dragon is superior interior emulsion paint ideal for your house, enhance more beautiful, smooth.

All purpose odourless wall paint

All purpose odourless wall paint -non odourous, non-toxic -UV resistant -mildew resistant -high coverage

wall paint art

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safety acrylic white exterior wall paint

1.Environmentally friendly , non-toxic and tasteless 2.Alkali, mildew, anti-algae . 3.Simple construction and easy maintenance

waterborne environmental friendly best interior paint latex wall paint/ vinyl paint

Excellent hiding power Strong washable & dirt resistance Odorless, environmental Internal emulsion wall paint

BAUMERK Interior Plastic Wall Paint 110

PVA-emulsion based topcoat, opaque paint for interior walls.

450ml ISO Certificate Eco-Friendly Interior Wall Paint

1.Dry time: < 8 minute 2.Spray rate: > 98% 3.Adhesion:< Grade 2 4.Hardness:> HB

Geomantic series wealth space paint colors design natural wall paint for building to increase wealth

Natural ecological diatomaceous earth paint 10functions Elimination of formaldehyde, benezen Easy application Obtain 9patents

Styrene Acrylate Paint Emulsion/Coating Latex for Interior Wall Paint

1.Manufacturer 2.Used for interior wall paint. 3.Gresistance to water and cleaning 4.Copetitive price