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Acrylic Waterproof Interior Wall Paint

Acrylic Waterproof Interior Wall Paint. Macromolecule water-based. Excellent weatherability. Widely application ranges.

Hot Selling!!! CARPOLY High Performance Interior Texture Paint

1.Low-carbon 2. environmentally friendly 3.low VOC 4.Colorful texture 5.Stain-resistant 6.Dust-proof 7.antifouling 8.Antimicrobi

High Quality cement floor paint colors

1,a good property of flowing,self flow leveling without stirring and pressing 2,high strength, wear resisting withanti-water

decoration wall paint

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Easy to use and professional water repellent concrete wall paints with functional made in Japan

- SunSpirit S-1 - Impregnating water-repellent agent for concrete - Made in Japan

Epoxy Based Floor and Wall Paint

EPOX FL 500 is a epoxy based, two component, solvent free and thin layer coating for floors and walls.

Exterior Wall Paint

Exterior Wall Paint Soluble in water Rich color choice 2-component groups ISO 9001, ISO14001

interior liquid Wall Coating wallcovering wallpaper wall paint

1.Simple to apply and repair 2.Long time good looks and low maintenance 3.DIY paint 4.Environmental,durable and economical

wall paint sticker

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Construction coating House painting and Villa spray paint exterior wall paint/building coating

1.Natural Stone Effect 2.Acrylic resin based 3.Alkali resistance 4.Weatherability 5.Good adhesion and colour retention

Beautiful Texture Wall Paint For Interior and Exterior Wall

1.High adhesion and good resistance to water/freezing/cracking 2.Eliminating the gaps on the base 3.Protecting the wall

Hight Quality Texture Marble And Stone Effect Exteral Wall Paint

1.classical 2.HIgh Resistance to Abrasion 3.anti-aging, anti-infiltration 4.non-radiation5.uniformity

ISONEM BE 99 - Exterior Wall Paint (Waterproofing)

High Quality Exterior Wall Paint (Waterproofing), Silicone enhanced, flexible

China manufacturer, YIJIU Automatic car paint/wall paint/coating shaking machine

-Fast and thorough mixing -low noise and high safety -safety interlock -easy to control

wall paint art

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Hot Selling!!! CARPOLY High Performance Interior Wall Paint Colors

paint colors 1.odorless 2.low VOC 3.antimicrobial 4. mildew resistant 5.environmentally friendly 6.waterproof 7.Scrub resistant


Special wall decorative paint for interior to obtain a polycromatic painting with ancient effect.

Interior wall paint factory- damping proof wall decoration building interior wall material golden paint

Environment-friendly material and odor-free; metallic texture effect; Excellent weather and chemical resistance.

Interior & Exterior Wall Paint

- Smooth final architecture paint for Interior and Exterior application on the cement surfaces.