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VIT long use age fluorocarbon paintt WGS-6351

1.Durable paint 2.Uvioresistant 3.Stain resistant 4.Strong metallic texture 5.The paint film can last as long as 30 years

VIT high quality waterproof paintSWJ-3311

VIT SWJ-3311 high quality waterproof paint 1. Good waterproof performance 2. Suitable for washing room, swimming pool

VIT environmental protection zapon lacquer

1.Environmental protection 2.Fast surface drying which saves labor and time 3.Excellent texture effect

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water based concrete floor tile sealer

water based concrete floor tile sealer Absorption:0.02Thinckness:10mmCE&ISOGradeAAA

exterior wall sealer

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Waterborne Interior Wall Primer Sealer

1.Ultra-low pollution 2.Anti-alkali and anti-corrosion 3.High water repellency 4.Odorless, environment-friendly

water base sealer for wall alkali resistant

Water base sealer 1.Alkali resistance. Very easy to apply. 2.Anti-fungus and algae resistance properties. 3.Super adhesion.

Caulk Strip/sealer trim to seal washbasin and wall

Self-adhesive For use between washbasin and wall Mildew resistant Provides a long-lasting, watertight seal

Geerda Anti-Alkali Interior Primer Sealer

1. Excellent hiding power. 2. Good mildew resistance. 3. Strong washable & dirt resistance. 4. Odorless, environmental.

Hot sale Maydos Anti-Alkali Super Interior Sealer & Primer

Maydos Water-based Anti-Alkali Super Interior Sealer Anti-fungus and alkaline resistant Strong covering property ISO9001

Maydos Anti-Alkali Super Interior Sealer (Primer)

Anti-Alkali Super Interior Sealer Super permeability Strong sealing ability Anti-fungus and anti-alkali ISO9001&ISO14001

paints wall sealer

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No stain Sealer For Granite

Dust Proof Stain Repellent For Marble - sealer for polish marbles, granite and other

SKShu ZGD6051 Advanced Interior Sealer

It can prevent paint from erosion by chemicals inside wall,can be applied to inerior putty, concrete and concrete mortar wall.

VIT water-base wooden furniture sealer

1 Low VOC 2 Free of formaldehyde 3 Mould proof & antibiotic

acrylic concrete sealer

cementitious decorative mortar for interior and exterior walls white color it needs to coat emulsion primer and finisher

wall coating (Anti-Alkali Super Interior Sealer paint) -wall paint

wall coating (Anti-Alkali Super Interior Sealer paint) -wall paint - strong infiltration and alkali-resistant

Transparent sealer primer for building wall

Transparent sealer primer has great adhesion features ,permeability and great alkali resistance.

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alkali resistance exterior primer for exterior wall ,exterior primer

1. Excellent alkali resistance. 2. Very easy to apply. 3. Anti-fungus and algae resistance properties. 4. Super adhesion

COMPAC Sealer Primer A-100

Used to cover bricks wall in order to protect the wall with water repellent and fungus algae.

KCC Wall Sealer 200

Wall Sealer 200 is a solvent based, methyl methacrylate pigmented alkali resistant wall primer / sealer.

Wall sealer - Acrylic Wall Sealer - Sequoia

Solvent base acrylic wall sealer for new & repainting walls

interior wall sealer primer

Good adhension Excellent durability,hydrophobic, weather ability; Anti-cracks of surface; Odor less

Maydos Oil-base/Water-base Exterior Sealer

Maydos Oil-base/Water-base Exterior Sealer Super permeability Strong covering Easy application ISO9001&ISO14001