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KS-20 ultrasonic sensor /water flow meter

1,Ultrasonic sensor 2, Good linearity, repeatability and stability, high sensitivity 3,water flow meter

RU-18 ultrasonic sensor,ultrasonic water flow sensor

ultrasonic water flow sensor 1.Multifunction LED indicator 2.Plastic housing,IP67 3.Approvals:CE

G3/4" Flow Water Counter Sensor For Industry Agriculture Irrigation 3.5V - 24V DC

1-) HIgh Flow Rate 2-) High Quality Brass Body 3-) One Year Warranty 4-) CE/ISO Certificated

1.0Mhz ultrasound water flow sensor

Ultrasonic sensor for flow meter TL100021 1. Small size and light-weight 2. High sensitivity and high sound pressure

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water flow meter sensor

water flow meter sensor1.Caliber:DN10-3000mm2.Power consumption:<15W3.Protection class:IP654.CE approved

Clamp on Ultrasonic water Flow meter transducer/sensors (CE approved)

Clamp on Ultrasonic water Flow meter 1. Accuracy: 1.0%2. Repeatability: 0.2%3. Communication: RS-232C

water heater water sensor pump control flow switch

Water heater flow switch Robust constructionGood quality material Simple structure easy install

water sensor pressure switch control flow switch

Water sensor flow switch Robust constructionreliable and safe easily installwidely used in the liquid control

liquid flow meter sensor magnets

liquid flow meter sensor magnets 1.Caliber:DN10-3000mm2.Power consumption:<15W3.Protection class:IP654.CE approved

CE hot sale 300l dual tank hea pump hot water heater temperature sensor

hot water heater temperature sensor1.all in one unit 2.dual-inner pot 3.3D interference flow technology

water flow sensor plastic valve

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China low price digital water flow sensor/water flow meter

flow meter : 1.Communications:RS232,Modbus,HART,GPRS 2.Diameter size:DN10~3000mm 3.Protection:IP67, IP68 4.Good price

Water Flow Rate Sensors and Visual Rotor Water Flow Sensor

Water Flow Sensor 1)Size:1/2"Inch to 1"Inch 2High quality and long-life usage 3)15 years production experience 4Low MOQ

1.2Mhz Ultrasound Water Flow Sensor for Flowmeters

Ultrasound Water Flow Sensor 1.Flow rate measurement 2.Shell Material:copper 3.IP68 water proof 4.Frequency:1.2mhz

Water flow sensor

Water flow sensor 1.This sensor has excellent character in low pressure. 2.The out pulse frequency has linear linear character

Brass Water Flow Sensor

Brass Water Flow Sensor 1.Material:Brass 2.Flow Pulse:F=8.1Q-3 Q=L/min 3.Precision: 2~30L/min 4.MOQ:50pcs

RU-18 ultrasonic sensor ultrasonic water flow sensor

RU-18 ultrasonic sensor ultrasonic water flow sensor 1.High preformance 2.Fast reaction 3.CE

water flow sensor pool

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CE&ISO approved high accuracy water flow sensor price

water flow sensor price 1.Integrative or split type 2.High quality, stablity and precision 3.CE certificate 4.Warranty:1 y

water flow sensor

water flow sensor with pulse output use for measuring and control water flow and total volume, its a turbine base flow sensor

Flowmeter water flow meter digital water heat meter water flow sensor

1.CE,ISO9001,BV approved 2.Warranty for 12 months 3.4-20mA,Pulse output 4.RS485,RS232,HART,MODBUS,PROFIBUS 5.Low price

Low Cost Transparent Water Flow Sensor/ Water Rotameter

Low Cost Transparent Water Flow Sensor/ Water Rotameter Good chemical resistance Long and short tube type Clear indicatio

Water Flow Sensor G1/2 Water Flow Sensor

1.Max Working Current:15mA(DC+5V) 2.Operating Voltage:DC+3V~+24V Water Flow Sensor 3.Water Flow Measurement and Control System

DMF-Series Mass Flow Meter Water Flow Sensor

1. Accuracy:0.2%; 0.15%; 0.10%; 2. Output signal:4-20mA+0-10KHz+RS485/Hart protocol 3. Material: SS316L Stainless Steel;HC-2

water flow sensor g1

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KS-20 ultrasonic sensor /ultrasonic water flow sensor

1,Ultrasonic sensor2, Good linearity, repeatability and stability, high sensitivity3,ultrasonic water flow sensor

IFM water flow sensor SI5000

IFM water flow sensor Sensor : 1.Fast delivery time 2.100% original 3.strong technical support

High performance averaging pitot tube water flow sensor

water flow sensor: high accuracy, good repeatibility, wide applied range, enormous flow measuring range ratio.

Water Flow Sensor

Water Flow Sensor 1.High Accuracy measuring 2.Non-intrusive measuring 3.Wide measuring range 4.Large capacity

ultrasonic water flow sensor rs485

1.ultrasonic water flow sensor rs485 2.High accuracy, reliability and durability 3.Repeatable flow measurement

China new products liquid flow control instruments wall-mount ultrasonic water flow sensor

Clamp-on Ultrasonic water flow meter,with features of most accurate,various output and best price,so do top quality.