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self adhesive destructive fragile shipping label

1.anti-counterfeiting,easy fragile. 2.ISO9001:2008, UL,SGS,ROSH. 3.Strict quality control. 4.Dust-free workshop.

wholesale self adhesive labels

wholesale self adhesive labels Eco-friendly Factory manufacturer High quality and l

High quality self adhesive address lable shipping half sheet labels

address lable 1.professional service 2.OEM is available BPA 4.factory audit & SGS

water soluble adhesive film

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Jorle- Epoxy Water Soluble Adhesive

ZR706 water soluble adhesive using imported raw materials and ingredients.

2014 Nenghui hot sale Water Soluble Adhesive

2014 Nenghui hot sale Water Soluble Adhesive: 1.plication for high-speed bottle glass 2.made of dome

water soluble adhesive tape china adhesive product

water soluble adhesive tape china adhesive product Materials:bopp film coating with acrylic and paper core T:32-70mic

water soluble adhesive tape

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HPMC construction cement water soluble adhesive

1.wall putty hpmc 2.good water retention 3.Used in construction industry 4.ISO certificate

Thin Adhesive Double Sided Tape with Water Soluble Adhesive

adhesive double sided tape 1.Based on Tissue, coated with good adhesive 2.Easy tear, high Tack 3.Wide applications

Pneumatic Water Soluble Hot Melt Adhesive Laminating Machine

Pneumatic Water Soluble Laminating Machiner 1.MAX. width:1150mm 2.Max paper weight:500g/m2 3.Min paper weight:80g/m2 4.CE