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Non Woven Airlaid Paper--Raw Material for Sanitary Napkins

100%pp nonwoven polyester polishing pad 2 years outside guarantee LC90 days, D/P, O/A is acceptable free sample SGS

Polution free non woven material for landscape application

Non woven material 1.Own factory with 11 years delivery+low cost 3.12 machine,50tons/day 4.weight:9-200gsm

water soluble adhesive film

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factory price 25kg packing water soluble adhesive

water soluble adhesive: 1. Environment-friendly&non-harmful. 2. Easy application 3. Excellent adhesion

water soluble adhesive tape china adhesive product

water soluble adhesive tape china adhesive product Materials:bopp film coating with acrylic and paper core T:32-70mic

HPMC construction cement water soluble adhesive

1.wall putty hpmc 2.good water retention 3.Used in construction industry 4.ISO certificate

Kafuter- Epoxy Water Soluble Adhesive

water soluble adhesive 1.two-part 2.envoronmental,multi-purpose 3.can bond ANY substrates 4.20g/pairs

water soluble adhesive for wallpaper

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2014 Water soluble modified acrylic adhesive double sided repupable tape

Double sided water soluble tape is using 12gsm repulpable paper as backing material and coated with water soluble solvent acryli

Pneumatic Water Soluble Hot Melt Adhesive Laminating Machine

Pneumatic Water Soluble Laminating Machiner 1.MAX. width:1150mm 2.Max paper weight:500g/m2 3.Min paper weight:80g/m2 4.CE

Water soluble phenolic resin adhesive

Low viscosity, water-soluble resin synthesized from phenol and formaldehyde under basic medium. It has a good fluid and soakage

(2010)Hot Water Soluble Nonwoven Interlining Nylon Fabric Adhesive

2010 Nylon Fabric Adhesive Not resistant to dry cleaning,can be washing in the water,use PE/PES mixed powder,and it fees more s