6 strong acids

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Strong acid/alkali resistance nomex water filter fabric

High temperature endurance Powerful strength Abrasion resistance, bending resistance Heat setting, singeing, PTFE coating

New Formla Resistant Water Based rinse aid liquid, rinse agent,citric acid

1.strong to remove oil,stain laudary detergent 2.mild to hand liquid 3.fresh smell, orange and lemon

Trifluoroacetic acid 76-05-1

Trifluoroacetic acid 76-05-1 1,Trifluoroacetic acid 2,CAS 76-05-1 3,Intermediates

Trichloroisocyanuric acid/TCCA in swimming pools,90%

TCCA is a strong oxidant and chlorinating agent, efficient, broad-spectrum, more secure disinfection.

hydrogen generation by water

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IHF PTFE Inner Strong Acid and Soda Pool Chemical Dosing Pump

IHF40-32 Fluorin Plastic Liner Inside Centrifugal Pump 1.Capacity: 6.3---400m3/h 2.Head: 5---125m 3.Speed: 2900r/min

SUPPLY 2-Hydroxyphosphonocarboxylic Acid 48%(CAS No:23783-26-8)

2-Hydroxyphosphonocarboxylic Acid CAS: 23783-26-8 very strong corrosion inhibition 5~8 times better than HEDP and EDTMP

humic acid

1)Strong water soluble 2)Total humic extract 80% 3)Organic matter 65% 4)Moisture 15%max 5)Soil conditioner