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Liquid Dishwashing "POP"

Effectively cleans household utensils, chinaware, cutlery and other household equipment.

Industrial Dishwasher Liquid Detergent

Shows Great Performance Removes Dirts and Stains Spotlessly Causes no Dullness Rinsed Easily

Nontoxic detergent

Natural detergent is a 100% Toxic free powdered and liquid detergent for dishwashing, vegi-fruit

strong acid resistant material

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IHF PTFE Inner Strong Acid and Soda Pool Chemical Dosing Pump

IHF40-32 Fluorin Plastic Liner Inside Centrifugal Pump 1.Capacity: 6.3---400m3/h 2.Head: 5---125m 3.Speed: 2900r/min

Trichloroisocyanuric acid/TCCA in swimming pools,90%

TCCA is a strong oxidant and chlorinating agent, efficient, broad-spectrum, more secure disinfection.

Supply Octanedioic acid,suberic acid with lowest price /(cas no,505-48-6)

Supply Octanedioic acid,suberic acid with lowest price /(cas no,505-48-6) Cas no.: 505-48-6 Molecular Formula: C8H14O4 Strong

distributor assembly anti acid and alkali fabric adhesive tape

strong adhension,easy-tear anti acid and alkali fabric adhesive tape

300mg/g Acid Washed Activated Carbon For Sodium Glutamate

Activated carbon for monsosodium glutamate refining 1.Large surface area 2.Strong adsorption capacity 3.Fast filtration

Dyeing Acid for Textile

1,Dyeing acid 2,Adjust PH value 3,Stable acidity 4,Strong buffering power 5,Dyeing acid manufacturer

hydrogen generation by water

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Green Caffee Bean Extract Chlorogenic Acid

Absorb free oxygen radicals avert hydroxyl radicals have strong polyphenols regulate metabolism. Increases Stamina

industry Oxalic Acid

1.Purity:99.6%min. 2.A kind of strong organic acids 3.Soluble in water 4.Professional exporter with high quality

High Quality Pattern Acid Etched Glass And Glass Pattern

1.Strong package and quick delivery 2.High quality,Quick delivery 3.Excellent price

NMD-99 acid/alkalinity/salinity density test instrument

1.strong anti-corrosion performance constant measurement 3 LCD screen and multiparameters