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Industrial Flour

Specially designed industrial flour with high ash and very competitive pricing.


White Semolina

Fresh Wheat Flour Supplier in UAE/Dubai/Kuwait

Best Quality and Best Price Haccp Certified Product and ISO Certified Soft and White in Colour Multi Model Packing

Wheat Flour

We sell High quality Wheat flour of Iran origin in 50kg bags. We stock huge volume in Dubai.

Mantou Quick Frozen Steamed Bread Bun

Quick frozen steamed bun Chinese traditional mantou HACCP, ISO, FDA certificates

david wheat

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Sweet buns

frozen dounts 1.Converience store,oven fresh 2.Tast Delicious, 3.Health Products,aromatic crust

Frozen Dough Coffee Mexico Bun

frozen dough coffee bun bread mexican bun kopi roti mexico pappa mixer kneader oven improver yeast wheat gluten bake fresh flour

Beeglobe Vegetarian Mini Buns

Flavours: Red Bean, Peanut, Yam, Lotus, Pandan Lotus, Orange Lotus, Vegetable, and Char Shao. 9pcs per pkt

buns forming

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OTAK OTAK BUNS and Roti Paung

otak otak buns in roll form.....bread rolls.... nice and tasty and comes up to DELICIOUS...

hot sale steamed wheat bun machine

1.High quality machine. 2.Delivery in 2 weeks. 3.Suitable for various flour food. 4.We offer good after-sale service.

Steamed Bun - Black Pepper Chicken Filling

steamed bun can be made with different flavours of fillings and also different colour skin, colour is not artificial colour

Coffee flavour mexican bun

coffee flavour mexican bun, filled with melted butter.