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White Semolina

Wheat flour

We can supply Indian Milling Wheat and Wheat flour for Human and Animal feed consumption, with Gluten varying from 24-32%.

Biscuit Flour

Made from Premium Soft Wheat varieties our Biscuit Flours are designed to give exceptional taste and texture.

Mantou Quick Frozen Steamed Bread Bun

Quick frozen steamed bun Chinese traditional mantou HACCP, ISO, FDA certificates

Vegetarian Instant Noodles

Certified Vegetarian Instant Noodles with 3 different flavours

asa 5520 bun-k9

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Healthy Wheat Bun

HOME MAKE Healthy Wheat Bun - Your morning energy bun !!! Reduce white bread and eat more grain and nut. No preservative.

Sweet buns

frozen dounts 1.Converience store,oven fresh 2.Tast Delicious, 3.Health Products,aromatic crust


We have a wide range of breads, buns, cakes, tarts, jams. We are a local distributor for confectionery products.

hamburger bun

hamburger bun 100mm dia, 53 g/pc: hamburger bun 125mm dia, 83 g/pc: hamburger bun 140mm dia, 100 g/pc:

Frozen steamed bun and red bean bun

frozen steamed bun and red bean bun Ingredient :wheat flour ,yeast

Automatic Toast bread /bun /french bread roll production line

Automatic soft bread roll making machine 1.Low investment 2.good afterservice 3.many flavors,automatic operation 4.SGS,CE ce

david wheat

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Mexico Bun

We are specliased in frozen dough products and mexico bun is our strength.

Beeglobe Vegetarian Mini Buns

Flavours: Red Bean, Peanut, Yam, Lotus, Pandan Lotus, Orange Lotus, Vegetable, and Char Shao. 9pcs per pkt

Cream Corn Buns

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Water, Sugar, Yeast, Baking Power, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Corn, Modified Corn Starch.

Steam bun

Products series

buns forming

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Wholemeal Bun

Healthy wholemeal bun

Soup Bun

Heat up in 10 second and ready to serve with any soup in it.

OTAK OTAK BUNS and Roti Paung

otak otak buns in roll form.....bread rolls.... nice and tasty and comes up to DELICIOUS...

Coffee flavour mexican bun

coffee flavour mexican bun, filled with melted butter.