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Salicin 10% 15% 20% 50%,98%/White Willow Bark P.E.

1.White Willow Bark P.E. 2.Salicin 10% 15% 20% 50%,98% 3.Samples free

Salicin 25% White Willow Bark P.E.

White Willow Bark P.E. Appearance: White powder Specification: Salicin 15%/25%/30%/50%/70%/98%

salicin 90%

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Salicin/White Willow Bark

1.Specification: Salicin 15%-80% 2.Product Type: Brown Fine Powder 3.Part of Plant Used: Bark 4.Testing Method: HPLC

BNP Supply Best Natural White Willow Bark Extract Salicin/white willow bark plant extract powder

BNP Supply Best Natural White Willow Bark Extract/white willow bark plant extract powder Specification:Salicin 30%-98%

High quality Salicin/White Willow Bark Extract with best price

White Willow Bark Extract 100% Natural product, without any Synthetic ingredient. Manufacturer direct supply sample free

White Willow Extract Salicin 15% For Treatment of Acute Rheumatism

1.Appearance:Brown fine powder to white powder 2.Factory Price 3.Prompt Delivery 4.Free Sample&Large Stock 5.GMP (NSF,USA)

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white willow bark extract powder Salicin 98% white Willow Bark P.E.& Salicin

White Willow bark P.E. 1.Specification:Salicin 98% 2.100% natural extracts 3.Free samples 4.Direct price from Manufacturer

Willow bark P.E./salicin powder/willow bark plant extract/white willow salicin 98%

1.Part of Plant Used: Bark 2.Spec: 25%, 50%Salicin 3.Product Type: Brown-yellow powders 4.Testing Method: HPLC 5.CAS: 13

salicin/white willow bark 10%~80%

Active ingredients:salicin Test method:HPLC Delivery time:10days Color:Brownyellow Powder 4:1,10%-98% Salicin (HPLC)