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Animal Non-contact Thermometer

1. Three-color backlight (Color Alarm) 2.3 color LCD Display, for fever Alarm 3.Time Clock Functions

oven thermometer non-contact thermometer

measuring range 32-43C response time <0.5s Measure distance:0-15cm Size:100*46*160mm non-contact thermometer

2013 Yokogawa Temperature Transmitters YTA110/YTA310/YTA320

Yokogawa Temperature Transmitters YTA110/YTA310/YTA320

Class A Pt100 Platinum Resistance Thermometer Class A & B

1.Pt100 Platinum Resistance Thermoemter 2.Class A Thin Film 3.Lenght=50mm 4.SS304 Sheath 5.Thin Fillm Elelemnt

Wall & Duct Type Temperature & Humidity Transmitter

Temperature and humidity transmitter 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC output Size 85x85x240/120mm Small volume, high-precision CE

High temperature pressure transmitter

High temperature pressure transmitter 1.High sensitivity 2.Stable performance 3.High sensitivity

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Hot Water Thermometer for Measure Water Temperature

thermometer for measure water temperature panel mounted on/off function wire or wireless Shenzhen China manufacturer

wireless measuring

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wireless water meter

wireless water meter : 10 LPH to 160 LPH of water at ambient temperature. Available in SS316,SS304,PP,PTFE.

Mechanical-type Water Meter series

1. Materials: brass/iron body, ABS inner core, brass sealing ring 2. Working Temperature: Cold Water Meter aa30aa, Hot Wat

Digital Wireless Thermometer for Measure Water Temperature and Industrial Equipment Thermometer

thermometer for measure water temperature Laser targeting auto temp gauge -50-500C backlit thermometer accuracy

2014 new thermometer for measure water temperature

1.waterproof 2.perpetual calendar 3.alarm with snooze 4.perfessional wireless pool thermometer

Temperature transmitter for water pipe

1.temp.accuracy:+/-0.3c 2.measuring range:0c---+50c,0-100c, 3.power supply:24VDC 4.output signal: 0m-20m,4m-20m,0-10VDC

High Temperature Type Static Measuring Level Indicator

1.Static Measuring Level Indicator 2.Founded in 1997 3.Self-checking equipments 4.ISO9001:2000 5.OEM

wireless measuring system

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BBQ thermometer to measure the temperature of water,milk,steak,chicken.

thermocouple compression fitting K S,R,B,J,N,E,T type thermocouple Warranty 365 days

cabinet thermostat controller temperature measurement ED330

Temperature control,Refrigerating&heating modes selection,Re-start delay,Celsius/Fahrenheit degrees,Value Storing / Self Testing

Best quality temperature measurer

1.Large LCD displays temp, humidity, time 2.OEM is welcomed 3.CE/Rohs certification 4.High accuracy, fast response

Wireless Hot Water Temperature Air Pressure Gauge BPG01

Wireless Digital Pressure Gauge BPG01 1.Measurement range:-0.1~0~100MPa 2.4 digital low-power LCD displayer 3.Multiple ports

433mhz wireless thermometer non-contact thermometer

measuring range 32-43C response time <0.5s Measure distance:0-15cm Size:100*46*160mm 433mhz wireless thermometer

LCD Digital Infant Baby Temperature Nipple Thermometer

1) Any parent should have one for his/her baby 2) This thermometer is designed specifically to measure baby's temperature