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Maize Corn

moisture content 13.50%, foreign matter 0.50%-1%,broken grains 2% - 4% damaged grains1%, live insect / larvaes infestation nil

Yellow Maize for Animal Feed

Indian Origin Yellow Maize Mositure - 14 % MAx Aflatoxin - 20 PPB max. Damage discolor - 2%

corn maize products

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Indian Maize for cattle,horse,pig feed

We went directly to the quality of agricultural products procurement of agricultural area, do meet the needs of customers.

Yellow Maize

About 70-80 percent of maize production is used as a feed ingredient in the world.

Series Maize/Corn Production Machinery

Maize/Corn Production Machinery 1.Turn-key project 2.One year quality warranty 3.Whole-life after-sales service

2013 crop NON-GMO / Organic yellow maize/corn from Africa

Our owned farm can produce 200mt mung bean per year, the product is low price and high quality.

maize production in nigeria

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Maize Exporter

High Quality Product Competitive Price On Time Delivery

Yellow Maize

Indian Yellow Maize/Corn Product - Indian Yellow Maize Protein - 8% Moisture - 14% Max Aflatoxin - 30 ppb Max

Indian yellow maize / corn

1) 100% High quality Maize. 2) mfd & export high nutritios corn,maize. 3) On time delivery. 4) Reasonable price.

maize production south africa

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Yellow Maize to starch line

1.corn starch processing plant 2.corn starch & glucose processing 3.high-effective and economic 4.ISO9001:2008

yellow maize

product -maize Foreign Matter : 2% Max - Damaged Otherwise : 5% Max - Broken Kemels : 3% Max Admixture-2%

Yellow Corn / Maiz

Fresh, Perfect Quality, can be use in industrial products or as animal feed or for various other purposes.

Maize GMO & NON GMO / assprted maize products

Maize all kinds bulk only, whole yellow, sifted, white maize, maize flour yellow and white and maize grits for cereals.

yellow maize

One the best quality India yellow Maize shorted machine clean for human consumption and industrial use...

Mealie maize mill made in China

1.Maize flour making machine nshima 2.CAD design and computer quoted 3.Final products:fine flour 4.capacity:5-1000T/24H