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white maize

Maize is one of the major brand of eco export we are manufacturer of maize and other agriculture products

Bangladesh Fresh Yellow Maize crops 2014 more suitable price

Yellow Maize 2014 crops 1.High quality 2.Reasonable price 3.Delivery on time 4.Quality Assuran

organic soya bean,Chinses organic soja bean,soybean

non-GMO soybean seeds and soy Meal 48% ukraine oirigin , soybean meal, soybean oil ,yelow,red,millet,grain, seeds, oil,wheat,

Yellow Corn (Maize)

Yellow Corn (Maize) are used for Various Food Industries & Other Industries and used for Human Consumption & for Animal Feed

100% Broken Maize

100% Broken Maize Direct From Argentina at a very good price

common weeds in maize / feed additive corn gluten meal powder

Feed additive corn gluten meal powder Advantage:NON-GMO&Melamine Output: 10000 Tons

corn maize products

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Indian Yellow Maize Available...

Exporter of yellow corn.Our product range includes yellow corn. We also manufacturer and supplier of yellow corn from India.

Indian Yellow Maize / Corn

Product - Indian Yellow Maize Protein - 8% Moisture - 14% Max Aflatoxin - 30 ppb Max Color: Yellow

Yellow Maize for Animal Feed

1 Product -maize 2Foreign Matter : 2% Max 3Damaged Otherwise : 5% Max 4 Broken Kemels : 3% Max 5 Admixture-2%

Yellow Corn / Maiz

Fresh, Perfect Quality, can be use in industrial products or as animal feed or for various other purposes.

Yellow Maize

About 70-80 percent of maize production is used as a feed ingredient in the world.

maize production in nigeria

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2013 crop NON-GMO / Organic yellow maize/corn from Africa

Our owned farm can produce 200mt mung bean per year, the product is low price and high quality.

Non GMO Yellow/White Corn/Maize

We are a South African manufacturing and trading company, dealing mostly in agricultural products & we here to offer u the best.


Good quality Yellow Maize. 1.Mfg & export wide range agro products. 2.On time delivery. 3.Reasonable Price.

yellow maize

moisture : 14% best quality of product origin : gujarat

Yellow Maize for Poultry animal Feed

Everybody on behalf of clients to meet their needs and the best quality products and the products we choose to go directly

100% high quality Yellow Maize

1 Corn grits also called as flaking grits are widely used in the production of corn flakes by breakfast industry.

maize production south africa

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Rich Quality Yellow Maize Supplier

We supply good quality Yellow Corn Worldwide to create goodwill in international market.

China manufacturer bulk stock yellow corn maize low prices

China manufacturer bulk stock yellow corn maize low prices 1.manufacturer prices 2.promptly delivery

yellow maize

Specifications 1.high quality product 2.competitive price 3.good for people consumption and animal feed

Yellow Maize for Singapore

Yellow maize constitutes the bulk of world production and international trade.

Yellow maize

Maize ISO certified 25 MT MOQ Yellow colour Indian origin

Yellow Maize

Indian Yellow Maize/Corn Product - Indian Yellow Maize Protein - 8% Moisture - 14% Max Aflatoxin - 30 ppb Max