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        Q: Well pump problems????
A: that black box is the pressure switching and the click is the points inside the switching the part that you cross over with the screwdriver . if you 're continually shuting off the authority to your pumping you are able 've got some bad checking valve , and loss the prime to the pump.or if you have a holding tank , there generally blue closes to the pumping about the sized of a propane tank for a grille , maybe it is water logged.meaning they required one particular amount of air inside them to functionr properly . there ought to be a valve stem on the tank to add air after you drain water.this to me sounds like the looked just likely cause just turn your braker off and switched on a faucet to drain some water but i are hesitant to say how much air to add since this differed from tank sized and if done wrong can damage the diaphram and ruin the tank . 

Q: How to prime my well pump?
A: I 'm not convinced that , you required to prime the pumping . If you have forty-five PSI , there ought to be water in the tank and clearly is under pressure . If all valves are opening , I would suspect a clogged line somewhere impeding the flow of water .   After saying that , allowed me is passing through certain fundamentals . You ought to have a valve between the well pumping and the tank and the other valve between the tank and the home . You should also have a draining valve between the tank and the valve to the home . By nearing both valves , you ought to be able to open the draining valve or faucet to drain the tank in case the tank gets waterlogged . I 'm not saying your tank is waterlogged , but merely saying what each valve is for .   If you have water in the tank , ( , and 40-five PSI on the gauge indicated that there exists ) , you ought to be able to get SOME water to the home , even is the pumping is necessary for be primed , unless the home is uphill from the tank , and 40-five PSI 're not sufficiently to push the water that far .   Is is achievable that some dirt or mud got in the pipes during the repairs , and the pipes or faucets at the home are obstructed ? Sometimes even the aerators at the sinks get obstructed as well .   If the pumping really is necessary for be primed , switched off all valves , open the plug on the pumping and filling with water till full , ( no air ) was later replace expected plug .   Note : In your photos , I never saw a jet pumping . Maybe you have a submersible pumping that does not require priming .   I hope this assistances . Good luck . 

Q: How to build a pond pump?
A: Sorry , no such thing exist . You could always put in a gas powered generator however , in the end you might just be better off a view to finding a way to run AC power out to the region where the pond is to be situate .