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        Q: My RC Helicopter Won't take off!?
A: Syma S012 Apache AH-64 Mini 3-Channel Infrared RC Helicopter -- -NEW !  No Assembly be necessary Ready To Fly ! Flight Stabilizing System with adjustable trimming controlling .  Real Helicopter Performance with Stable Hover . Full 3 Channels : Up , Down , Left , Right , Forward and Backward .  An incorporate automobile stability system making it simple to fly .  A pre-installed 3 canals proportionate broader beam infrared controlling system that 's also tri-band A , B , C.  Recharging takes place through the transmitter . The transmitter has an Alignment Trim , a Charging and Power Indicator , a Left/Right Lever and a Trimmer .  http : //www.amazon.com/Apache-3-Channel-I ...  ... ... ... ... . 

Q: What is a good beginner indoor/outdoor rc helicopter?
A: You 'll required to save up some more money for dignified manner helicopter . A good , hobby grade helicopter will set you back much more than $ 50 . IMO one of the very best starter copters that are able fly outdoors is the Blade CX2 . It ca n't take gusty winds , but a small wind does n't affect it too much .   http : //www.amazon.com/Blade-CX2-RTF-Elec ...   If you want something that are able handle more than light winds , you 'll required to be accelerated to a 400 class helicopter - which will break your wallet . And you 'll required to start on a simulator unless you wish to break lots of parts learning to fly .   I highly recommend visiting and purchasing from your local hobby shopping . That way you are able get parts locallies instead of having to await for them to be provided . A helicopter sitting on a workbench 's waiting parts was no much fun . 

Q: Which store sells the best RC helicopter?
A: How old is it ? Some of the Shuttles are old sufficiently that parts is extremely challenging to get .  Was it ever crashed ? There will be critical parts bent , and you will not realize this till after you have are going through the reconstruction , tuning and flight endeavours . Then you will be required another complete rebuilding shall be substituted for the bent parts .  If this situation is more than three or four years old , I would highly recommend purchasing new .  Learning to fly helis is a very difficult challenge . Adding old equipment to the mixing makes it even more daunting .   Go read up more on the dedicated RC heli forums :  http : //www.rcuniverse.com/forum/Helicopt ...   Good luck !