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        Q: Brushless motor for airplane problem?
A: one source of such noise levels could be a worn bearing . The noise os generated by the shaft wobbling in the bearing . ( something like the principles contained in a Wankel motor ) . 

Q: Can you use brush motors on a brushless speed control?
A: A brushed motor has all or parts of its electrical circuit on the rotating/moving part of the motor , and the united statesages brushes to link moving electrical circuit of the motor . A DC/universal type motor also usages the brushes to commutate the electrical curcuit , so it goes to a particular polarity to maintan rotation .   A brushless motor has all the windings in the stationary part of the motor , so can directly can connect to the drive circuit . They are commonly commutated by a rotation sensor which senses roatation of the moving piece , or only powered with AC .   Either is feasible to made to go faster rate though it is exactly simple to make a DC/universal motor go faster .   A VCR usages two brushless DC automobiles , one to rotate the video head comparatively faster rate the other to pull the tape along , reasonably sluggish . 

Q: Brushless motor for airplane problem?
A: Well I 's seeing obviously that U have n't set the fail-safe on your system . I recommendations that you set you radio at full throat and began it ! It should make a few beeping noises for approximately one minute or so ! subsequently shut it off and later re-start i once again usually . after that your problem will be gone . other wise your ESC is harmed and you required to change it for a new one !  Good luck and have fun ! !