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        Q: How to connect an AC brushless motor to a transformer?
A: AC Current utilized , to propel the brushless DC motor .   The DC current you are supplying is conversion to AC current by its circui're trying create an oscillating magnetic field . This oscillating magnetic field in the stator be contacted the permanent magnet in the rotor , arousing it to rotate .   In generator mode , AC current are being produced . 

Q: Brushless motor for airplane problem?
A: Well I 's seeing obviously that U have n't set the fail-safe on your system . I recommendations that you set you radio at full throat and began it ! It should make a few beeping noises for approximately one minute or so ! subsequently shut it off and later re-start i once again usually . after that your problem will be gone . other wise your ESC is harmed and you required to change it for a new one !  Good luck and have fun ! ! 

Q: Do you need to break in a brushless motor?
A: I have reading a small about Feigao automobiles and they seems like a good values . I solely thing I am worried about is product supporting . Just out of curiosity I emailed an issue to them and have not receives an reply at th's time . It could just be the time divergences that has aroused this . I have not run one of their automobiles and are not aware anybody that has . By the info on their internet sites ( http : //www.feigao.com/sdp/85838/4/main-102731.html ) these automobiles look like they will perform equally well as the Novak and Mamba . It would be enormous if they do these people are cost much better reasonable .