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        Q: Which water pump do i need for a 1997 mercury 25 hp 2 stroke?
A: This engine has a hose that discharges a bit stream of water when running . But most of the water 's discharged through the centers of the prop . It 's not unusual for this hose to plug from little bits of sand and mud . a bit wire can unplug it . If the thermostat is stuck this might cause what your describing - but this is rare . Is it feasible that the small round driving pin that goes between the impeller and the drive-shaft , ruptured or came out during assembly ? Or the `` guides tubing '' in the lower leg ( intermediate housing ) 're not in lieu of obstructed . Sometimes the sleeve that seals this gets crumpled under during installation and can block the flow . My recommendation is to disassemble and check every steps till you 've found the problem , or satisfied your self that anything is rights . 

Q: How much is water pump and installation?
A: The GENUINE FACTORY pumping listings for $ 126 and constitutes the ONLY one worth considering ! If you 're able to get a CONTINENTAL TIMING BELT/WATER PUMP KIT & lt ; subsequently use THAT ONE ! it has a 100k mile WARRANTY against pulley and other deficiencies ! USe ONLY the authentic MAZDA refrigerant and get a FULL FLUSH AND FILL with drinkable water or distlled water ! You can get 400k miles EASIILY with this engine if you do the RIGHT procedures using the RIGHT FLUIDS solely ! The FIRST STEP 's a good MOTOR FLUSH using SYNTHETIC OIL with the name MAZDA SPECIFICATIONS written on the label ! NO WAX decrease oils like VALVOLINE EVER ! If this situation is the MILLER CYCLE ENGINE & lt ; subsequently be DOUBLY SURE you 're using the factory specification part and fluids ! LABOR is certainly EXTRA & lt ; and the skil level of the TECH shoudl be looked into as well ! it is a SIMPLE procedure but specail proficiencies is a necessary to avoid having engine harm ! GOOD LUCK ! ! 

Q: How to tell if the water pump has gone bad in an automobile?
A: Antifreeze or water ( whatever you 're using in the engine for refrigerating ) , will be leaking out and onto the engine and ground if the small hole in the front was no plugged with petroleum or dirt . Otherwise it may go into the engine petroleum . If the impellar inside has halted turning , you will note that the engine begins with overheating .