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        Q: What makes the overflow bottle boil? It is not the radiator, Fan motor, water pump, thermostat.?
A: electrical cool fans will not run untill the engine temp is high sufficiently for the pcm turning now it on . You required to get all the air out of the system when you fill it back up . There could be a bleeder on the thermostat housing or intake that you open whilst the engine is running just loosen it a smeveryone and keep adding liquid till you get nothing but fluid out of it . If it doesnt have a bleeder for the cool system subsequently one only has to maintaining running the engine and adding liquid a small at a time occasionally parking on a hill confronting up will assist get the air out or even jacking up the front end as far away as we could . If there exists no water for the temp sensor reading it wont turn the fan on . 

Q: 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS: Water Pump?
A: 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX   New Estimate » Near zip 92010   Estimated pricing range for your repair   $ 535 - $ 841   Estimate Includes :  Labor : $ 442 - $ 564  Parts :  $ 93 - $ 277  Coolant  2 Hose Clamps  Water Pump  Water Pump Gasket  Estimates exclude applicable taxes , diagnosis charging , disposal fees , and miscellaneous expenses .   About this Repair : Water Pump Replacement for your 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX  Best Practices  When replace expected water pumping , the driving belts may be required be eliminated . The belts ought to be superseded if they show signs of wear .   The whole cool system—including all the refrigerant hoses and fittings , radiator , refrigerant fan ( s ) , and fan clutch ( if equipped ) —ought to be examined when changing the water pumping .   To help to avoid future issuing , we recommend replace expected thermostat when the cool system was initiated for repairs ( e.g . water pumping or radiator substitution ) or during a system flush .   Common Symptoms  Water pumping require substitution if they are starting to leak refrigerant or become noisy . Leaking water pumping can lead in is detrimental to the driving and timing belts .   A failed water pumping is feasible to aroused be troubles in the cool system , such as a failing thermostat , radiator , or head gaskets .   » Learn further information about Water Pump Replacement 

Q: If the water pump isn't working, should I hear grinding?
A: Check if your water pumping has an petroleum port , and put some oilers . The other possibility is that the pumping impeller is coming loose or warped and rubbing . That means the pumping 's going out and needs rebuilding or substitution . That is worse case together with a failing motor bearing .